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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Recognized By PC

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Many people have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and want to know how they can fix it. Sometimes, the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t recognize a USB cable that is connected to your PC to transfer files or data.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not recognized by your computer, you will see an error message saying “Device not Recognized” or “driver Could Not Be Installed.” We’ll show you how to fix this problem.

Not Recognizing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on PC

Restarting your Samsung Note 4 will fix your computer not recognizing your Samsung Note 4 as a phone is the first step. You can disconnect the Note 4 from your computer, turn it off, then turn it on again after waiting a few minutes. After you have turned the Note 4 on again, connect it to your computer to check if it is working.

You can also use the developed options to debug your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that is not being recognized by your PC. The Samsung Note 4 can be debugged by clicking on Applications from your Home Screen, then clicking on Settings. From Settings, select “USB Debugging”.

Next, tap to activate it. Confirm the message by clicking “OK”. You should now be able to reconnect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 via USB cable to your computer.

You can also try a different USB cable to fix the Samsung Note 4 problem. Sometimes, old USB cables can’t be used correctly due to a poor connection. To resolve the Samsung Note 4 not being recognized by your PC, you can try other USB cables.

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