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RTX 3080 stock tracker: Get live tweets about the Nvidia GPU

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Update Our Nvidia GeoForceRTX 3080 stock tracker found the GPU at Amazon on Sunday, March 28th. If you follow the account, we will send an alert to Twitter when it is back in stock. We’re also checking Amazon, GameStop, and Newegg. The RTX 3080 is available as part of a pre-built Dell desktop. It’s not the usual MSRP of $699. You can also find it on eBay for an inflated price of around $2,000, although it is always in stock. Ouch.

We created an RTX3080 Twitter tracker to notify you when new stock becomes available at a reasonable price. This is similar to what we did with our PlayStation5 restock, and Xbox restocks trackers.

The Nvidia RTX3080 is usually in stock for two minutes before American retailers go live with inventory moving on waves. It’s crucial to receive GPU restock alerts on minute one to know where you can buy the RTX3080. It’s difficult to find the 3080 when you have to go through the checkout. Amazon’s 1-click purchasing process makes it even more complicated.

  1. Find out which US retailers will stock GPU restocks

The stock of Amazon Nvidia RTX3080

  • Restock Date: Random Drops – Has happened day and night
  • When it is in stock: Amazon RX 3080 GPUs
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Amazon is one of the four largest US retailers that have maintained RTX3080 stock. Since February, we have been tracking the Nvidia GeForce graphics cards from six brands, including Asus, MSI (PNY), Zotac, and Gigabyte.

Amazon RTX3080 restocks are random. Dates and times change every day without a pattern. We have set up alerts to make sure you are connected to the desired GPU as soon it is back in stock.

Dell Nvidia RTX3080 desktop PC

The RTX 3080 is available for purchase today if you are willing to spend money on a desktop computer. The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 gaming computer starts at $2616. You can choose from two configurations of this GPU-equipped desktop, each with different RAM and hard drives sizes. The souped-up version, which includes 128GB RAM and 4TB storage, costs $3,939 (again final checkout price).

The RTX 3080 can be purchased at a Dell store for a steep price, but if your goal is to purchase a pre-built gaming computer, the RTX 3080 will work. This is a far better deal than buying a $2,000 RTX3080 from eBay.

The stock of Best Buy Nvidia Radeon RTX 3080

Because Amazon makes it so easy to checkout, the Best Buy RTX3080 stock is likely to be your best option to purchase the GPU in the US. You should be able to check out at Best Buy quicker than other people who forget to enter your address and credit card details. On Friday, March 12, Best Buy had 3080 Founder’s Edition restock and next-gen consoles.

GameStop Nvidia stock RTX 3080

  • Stock date: This is often combined with next-gen console stock
  • If it’s in stock GameStop Stock
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GameStop is only just starting to carry GPUs. It’s also been combining them with next-gen console stock. We’ve only seen The RTX 3080, MSI, and EVGA so far. However, GameStop appears to plan on carrying more stock – once it becomes available. GameStop doesn’t force its customers to buy bundles, surprisingly unlike Newegg.

Newegg Nvidia 3080 stock

  • Rumored stock date: Weekdays
  • When it’s in stock: Newegg Shuffle
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We did witness a Newegg Shuffle on Monday, March 29. This is the lottery for PC and component retailers to purchase hard-to-find GPUs and CPUs, including the RTX 3080. This time, however, there were all the graphics cards except for the 3080.

TechRadar has been covering every Shuffle and we tweet it every time there is an opportunity for you to buy graphics card stock, regardless of brand. Be prepared to spend more on a cooling fan or other items you didn’t need.

The stock of eBay Nvidia 3080

If you are looking for the RTX3080 GPU, eBay is your best option. There are sometimes $700 price options, but those are rare listings. They usually end up going skyrocketing to $2,000 and above. It is rare to find it at a lower price. For that amount of money, you might consider buying the Dell desktop computer.

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