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Rotary table bearing (turntable bearing) classification, advantages and uses

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What is a turntable bearing

A combined turntable bearing composed of two rows of axial rollers (to bear axial load) and one row of radial rollers (to bear radial load).


Rotary table bearing is a kind of bearing that can bear axial load, radial load and overturning moment and other comprehensive loads at the same time.


The rotary table bearing basically adopts the design method of negative clearance and preload to ensure high rigidity and rotation accuracy of the bearing; under normal circumstances, the inner and outer rings of the rotary table bearing have mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing structures, which are suitable for precise working conditions. Different installation and use requirements of various types of equipment; turntable bearings have the characteristics of compact structure, high rotation accuracy, easy installation and maintenance, etc., turntable bearings mainly include YRT turntable bearings, ZKLDF turntable bearings and crossed roller bearings 3 categories. These three series of bearings have the same mounting dimensions, different internal structures, and similar performance.

YRT standard series

Thrust-centripetal combined structure can bear bidirectional axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. Mounting holes are evenly distributed on the bearing, which can be directly fixed to the bearing with bolts; the bearing has been preloaded before leaving the factory, and there is no need to adjust the clearance for installation; Occasions with high requirements, such as rotary table, indexing head, etc.

YRTS high speed turntable bearing series

The external structure and dimensions are the same as the YRT series, but the internal structure is different from the YRT series, which determines that the YRTS rotary table bearing series has a higher limit speed than the YRT series, and the friction torque is lower and uniform than the YRT turntable bearing series. However, for relatively high-speed applications, this series can be selected, such as bearings used in shafts driven by direct-drive motors.

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series can also bear combined load, but it has extremely high rotational speed and extremely low friction torque, and at the same time can ensure high rotation accuracy. Ideal for applications with such requirements, such as high-speed rotary tables, milling, grinding, as well as precision measurement, measuring equipment, and more. YRTM Bidirectional Thrust Cylindrical Roller Combined Bearing with Angle Measuring System


This series of bearings is based on the YTR turntable bearing. An angle measuring system is installed on the YRT turntable bearing, so as to accurately measure and adjust the rotation angle of the bearing and ensure the high-precision operation of the machine.


The measuring system consists of a sensor member and a measuring ruler. Using the pure inductive measurement principle, the signal is extremely accurate and the measurement accuracy is high.


At the same time, due to the use of high preventive measures, the measurement system will not be subject to external interference during operation, such as dust, smoke, light oil stains and scratches, magnetic fields, etc. It works reliably, does not require excessive maintenance, and has a wide range of applications .


It can be used in high-precision rotary table and rotating shaft, indexing head, military radar, aviation, aerospace and measurement and testing fields that require high angular rotation accuracy.

Advantages of Turntable Bearings

As the core component of the CNC turntable, the turntable bearing plays a pivotal role in the performance of the CNC turntable. A static bearing is a sliding bearing that relies on external supply of pressure oil to establish a hydrostatic bearing oil film in the bearing to achieve liquid lubrication.


The liquid static bearing always works under liquid lubrication from start to stop, with small wear and long life. In addition, this kind of support also has the advantages of high rotation precision and large bearing capacity.


The turntable bearing has a good radial bearing capacity, and the rotation accuracy can also be well guaranteed. At present, some bearings with higher precision and larger specifications are still relatively dependent on imports.


From the perspective of improving the grade of CNC turntables, in order to choose the appropriate type of support, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various working conditions, such as running speed, Lubrication conditions, load conditions, accuracy and other requirements, and the type of support selected on this basis can exert the performance of the bearing. So, what is the function of the turntable bearing?

Rotary table bearing application

The parts used in the CNC turntable are of very high precision and very good stability. It can be guaranteed that no major problems will arise under any circumstances. The turntable bearing is a special structure bearing born for the turntable in the seed industry.


It consists of a thrust/radial shaft washer, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a set of radial cylindrical roller bearings. And because the seat ring and the shaft ring are fixed with evenly distributed mounting screw holes, the stability is very good. At the same time, it has a very good performance on the rotary table, which can produce high production.

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