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Roku 2022: How to Use the Apple AirPlay Feature

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Roku TV can be used to enjoy Apple’s AirPlay feature, which allows you to view videos and listen to music on iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Roku TV can do almost everything you can AirPlay to an Apple device from another.

How to enable AirPlay on Roku

To enable AirPlay on Roku TV go to the Roku home screen and select Settings. According to Business Insider, the next step is to open Apple AirPlay or HomeKit.

Select AirPlay at the top right of the screen to turn it on. These are the key points to AirPlay, which can be used from your Apple device or Roku device.

Your Roku and Apple devices must be connected to the same Wi Fi network. To use AirPlay 2, you need to be running Roku OS 9.4 (or higher).

Also, you must have an AirPlay2-supported Roku device. To confirm your model, visit the Roku Support Page.

Also, you must have an Apple device capable of AirPlay 2; review the Apple Support Page to confirm your device mode.

Allow AirPlay from iPhone or iPad to Roku

Depending on the content you wish to share, AirPlay can be done from either an app or via Control Center on your Apple device. AirPlay will appear in the Share Sheet, or in the app’s toolbar.

AirPlay photos from an album in Photos. Select the image and click the Share button at the bottom left. Select AirPlay, then choose your Roku device from the list.

Your photo will appear on the screen. From there, you can swipe through your album to view all the photos on your Roku TV.

After you are done, highlight the AirPlay icon at the top of the iPhone picture. Select the “Turn off AirPlay” option.

To share music from Control Center, swipe to open it. Tap the AirPlay icon within the Music widget to select your Roku device.

The song will be played on your TV. You can also control the playback of the song through your Apple device.

After you are done, open Control Center. It will be highlighted. To return the song to your Apple device, select it from the list.

Allow AirPlay from Mac to Roku

Depending on which app you’re using, AirPlay buttons for content you want to send to Roku may not be available on Mac. It may be located in the toolbar or under the Share menu. You can also use the Control Center on your Mac for certain items like music.

You can choose your Roku TV to play a show you already have in the TV App by clicking the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the window.

You should be able see the show on your TV and control it from your Apple device.

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