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‘Ririri’ TikTok Meaning: Viral App Mystery Interprets Word Ominously, Scaring Thousands of Users

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Since TikTok’s huge popularity in 2020, many content and challenges have become viral on the short video sharing app. These include dance challenges and dress-ups. There are also mysterious and frightening contents that are sometimes newfound glitches in TikTok or part of alternate reality gaming (ARGs).

TikTok user discovered a strange glitch that translated “ririri”, the app’s name, into something very ominous.

TikTok Mystery – ‘Ririri’

There is however, a mystery that has been gaining attention on TikTok lately. People type gibberish words like “riri”, and the app will translate it. Based on viral videos, it appears that TikTok is translating the word into disturbing and sometimes “scary” translations.

In the Know states that a TikTok user @ whoanelly was one of the first to spot the mystery.

It turns out that anyone can comment on any variant of “riri”, and then long-press the button until a window appears. This prompts the app to translate the information you have entered.

Although the results may vary from one experiment to another, they are generally a mixture of something weird and/or creepy.

The video of the TikTok user went viral. As expected, many of the comments were about different versions of “riri” as well as the translations they received.

TikTok’s Ominous Translations

These are the most disturbing interpretations according to users.

  • It is only a matter time. It cries. It stands. It’s over. This is the next step.
  • This is the real story.
  • Which is the most important? This is the second full day. This is the second day.
  • This is the second occasion. Crying? What is the real meaning of life? It all comes down to you.
  • It cries out.
  • Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. It’s okay.

Some users are sharing their theories about what’s going on behind the scenes. One user suggested that it could be a military code to indicate when something isn’t okay and that people shouldn’t panic.

One person tried to make fun of the TikTok mystery, asking if all users were trying to summon Rihanna. This was in reference to Riri’s nickname.

What does TikTok Ririri mean?

What does Google Translate say?

According to the news outlet the word “riri”, is often translated by Google’s tool into Maori, which is one of the endangered languages spoken in New Zealand by the Maori tribe.

If you dig deeper into the Maori history of the word, it appears that “riri”, which is translated as “the expressions or anger, rage, fury and the like,” refers to the Maori Dictionary. Some people believe that the translations were simply an error from TikTok which dramatizes the translations using its Maori meaning.

You can also translate the word into Shona or Xhosa, which are both native languages in Zimbabwe.

@whoanelly posted a video about “riri”, but it seems that the trend has existed since December 2020. Droid harvest tried to shed light on the creepy translations.

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