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 Review on Nvidia GeForce GTX 570

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Nvidia’s GeForce GTX570 is Nvidia’s latest card. We’re also hearing about AMD’s plans.

We were told that the GTX 580, a rather impressive GeForce card, would be the vanguard for a new 500 series of GeForce cards. It was based on the revised Fermi chip. The GTX 570 is the next generation.

The whole 500 series has surprised everyone. And, given what could be a very catastrophic delay to AMD’s HD69xx cards, it seems that Nvidia’s staff was probably shocked.

Although the 500 cards weren’t intended to be released this year due to rumors that AMD would be releasing its new generation cards pre-holidays, it seemed like Nvidia was trying to ruin the event.

AMD found it was more of an awkward gathering than a party. It was a group of socially inept gimps who had nothing to share and little to recommend. The AMD GPU launch was actually the Radeon HD6870 and HD6850 series of cards, which were both very poor performers. However, the GTX 580 rocked and pushed Nvidia into the top spot in the performance race.

GeForce GTX 570 is the successor to the GTX 580, much the same as the GTX 470 that followed the initial Fermi, which was the GTX 480.

This is because the GTX 580 was a higher spec card than that of the GTX 480 at the time. Because of the trickle-down effect, this card actually shares more with the GTX 470.

The GTX 580 arrived with a full CUDA core count, 512 in 16 of its Streaming Multiprocessor blocks. Each block has a dedicated Polymorph engine and 64 texture units. The GTX 570 is a GPU-specific card that removes one of the SMs, leaving it with 480 CUDA Cores in 15 SMs as well as 60 texture units.

It is basically the same configuration that was in the GTX 480.

The number of render output units (ROPs) is what makes the difference. Both the GTX 480 & GTX 580 had 48 ROPs, while the GTX 470 & GTX 570 have 40.

The GTX 570’s clock speed is also higher than any of the top-end 400 series Fermi card models, making it a more direct replacement for GTX 480 than GTX 470.

Despite this, the memory configuration has been carefully controlled to prevent the card from slipping into the absurd performance territory. This could potentially hurt sales of its larger brother.

It’s got 1,280MB of GDDR5 and a 320-bit bus memory bus, but it won’t have the same high-resolution grunt as the GTX 580. Despite this, the GTX 570 still managed to beat or reach exactly the same results as the Metro 2033 benchmark.

This is nothing to be taken lightly.

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