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Review on Movado Connect 2.0

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There are two choices when it comes to smartwatches. You can either develop your own OS or use the available market software. Google’s WearOS was used to build the Movado Connect 2. This allows for app compatibility and accessibility across multiple smartphones.

Movado’s second smartwatch, the Movado 2, is now two years old. It is designed to enhance the original smartwatch, making it fashionable and practical.

Movado Connect 2.0 pricing and availability

Movado Connect 2.0 is available for purchase directly through Movado’s website. You can choose from a 40mm and 42mm version. Starting price for both models is $450 (AED 1,652, AU$669). Prices for stainless steel and leather models go up to $795 (AED 2,920; PS615, AU$1,165).

The Huawei Watch GT2 costs $275 (AED849, PS220 & AU$405). You will not be allowed to access the Google App Store. The Apple Watch starts at $399, but you can upgrade to $799 for a leather bracelet or Milanese Loop bracelet. This price is comparable to Movado Connect2.0’s higher-end models.

Design and display

Movado’s Connect 2.0 design is a fantastic example of Movado’s talent. It looks great on your wrist, no matter what watch face you choose (which we chose), it doesn’t feel bulky and doesn’t look too big.

Rotating crowns allow you to navigate menus or turn on/off the screen. You can also personalize the buttons to quickly launch apps and features.

Connect 2.0 includes a ceramic case back that houses a heart rate monitor. This allows for fast readings. You can now track your movements using GPS even if your watch doesn’t have a paired smartphone. Google Maps can be launched to quickly get directions, without having to reach for your smartphone.

The watch’s back magnetizes to a charging station. It would have been easier if Connect 2.0 supported Qi wireless charging. However, we hope that this feature will be included in the next version.

The display is sharp and clear, but the bezels surrounding it are too big. 38mm has been cut off the watch face. You now have only 38mm of the screen. This makes it difficult to use the screen to dismiss notifications or launch apps.

Connect 2.0’s trendy vibes allow interchangeable straps for your watch. They come at many different textures and prices. The mesh bracelet is best for formal occasions. The fabric strap is great for casual wear or workouts. It’s easy to change the straps. To remove the straps, flip the watch upside-down and slide the release levers onto the straps.

You get 1GB RAM and eight GB of onboard storage. All are powered by the Snapdragon Wear3100 processor. Google Pay allows you to quickly make payments by tapping the Connect 2.0 button on your card reader.

Performance and features

Movado connects 2.0 is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, you will have the best experience if it’s paired with an Android smartphone. Once you have installed WearOS on your smartphone and followed all the instructions to pair it, Connect 2.0 will become available in the WearOS App.

You can modify settings and download or change additional watch faces. Movado claims Connect 2.0 will feature over 100 watch faces. However, we were only able to access to four of these when we downloaded the app.

The screen will turn on and off automatically, so you don’t need to wait for it to turn on. You can turn this feature off to save battery but it made no difference in our experience.

Google Fit allows you to create multiple workouts and keep track. You can access all your workouts from weight lifting, running, and aerobics in just a few clicks. The Connect 2.0 isn’t IPX8-certified, so it can be worn in sweat and water but not while swimming.

Connect 2.0 is a smartwatch that can track your workouts and monitor your heart rate. We recommend leather or stainless-steel straps for gym use. Although Connect 2.0 doesn’t allow sleep tracking, third-party apps are possible. We don’t believe Connect 2.0 is something we would be comfortable using at night.

Although the Connect 2.0 isn’t the most fashionable device, it has poor performance. Movado has more to do with this than WatchOS. Once you start using Connect 2.0, it doesn’t feel fluid. When swipes or taps aren’t registered, you’ll be tapping furiously on your wrist. The built-in Google Assistant is useful for quick queries, voice recognition, and voice recognition. However, it’s not very good at recognizing voices.

Battery Life

As with all smartwatches, the battery life depends on what functions you use. If you use GPS tracking often and set the brightness to high (but not Auto), your battery will last the day.

The Connect 2.0 was able to provide us with around three days of use. It also has notifications and minimal tracking of our exercise, which isn’t bad.

If you need to save your battery, you can activate it. This will disable all functions and display only the time with an analog watch face. Reboot the watch to restore normal functionality.

Final verdict

Movado Connect 2.0 smartwatch looks amazing on your wrist. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can keep track of your workouts and has good battery life.

WatchOS is the place where things start to get a little boring. It’s not fluid enough to match Connect 2.0’s design, and there were times when our taps didn’t get responded to.

If you are willing to overlook slowdowns and thicker bezels then the MovadoConnect 2.0 can be a great recommendation. It is fashionable and has a large number of apps, making it a great choice for fashion-forward users.

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