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Review On iPhone XS Max

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Battery life

  • Longer battery life than the iPhone X
  • One charge lasts for a whole day

The iPhone XS Max is a good choice in this area. Battery life has been a long-standing issue for iPhones.

The A12 Bionic chip is the first to be introduced. It also appears in the iPhone XS, iPhone XR. This chip should be able to extract more life from each mAh of the power pack.

The power pack is the second. The power pack is 3,174mAh. This battery is bigger than the 2,691mAh found in the iPhone 8 Plus. It makes the iPhone 8 Plus the largest ever made by Apple.

Apple claims that the iPhone XS Max battery provides an extra 90 minutes of power than the iPhone X. Although it is not clear how Apple came up with this figure, one thing we know for certain: The iPhone XS Max battery can last a whole day on a single charger when used moderately to very heavily.

We took the phone off charge at 7 am and then plugged it in just before midnight. With only a few percent remaining in the battery and low power mode activated, that’s how we did it.

We used the device for a lot of time, including a few hours of gaming, some music, podcast streaming, and a mixture of email, web browsing, and messaging. Plus a few snaps. During the entire review period, we also had an Apple Watch 3 online.

The battery will be more battered if you push your handset with an intense app like PUBG. However, it won’t drain too much.

The iPhone XS Max died after a few hours of hotspot use.

It won’t last more than a day with moderate use, but it’s still possible to get to bed with at least 30% power on lighter days.

The iPhone XR is a better choice if you are a lighter user. It has a larger screen but is cheaper and maybe more suitable for your use.

With a battery that can keep you going for hours with such intense activities, the iPhone XS Max allows you to stream video and play games. Apple claims that all three iPhone 11 handsets have better battery life.

Wireless charging can be convenient if you have a charging pad, but these need to be bought separately. The fast-charging block, which will allow you to charge your iPhone twice as quickly, was rumored to come in the iPhone XS box, but it didn’t materialize.


It appears that the iPhone XS Max is equipped with the same camera lens as the iPhone X.

The handset’s rear module still contains two 12-megapixel snappers, each in a vertical stack. They are separated by a Quad-LED True Tone flash.

One camera is telephoto, the other wide-angle. Both cameras have the same apertures f/1.8, f/2.4, but there’s a crucial difference.

Both the iPhone XS Max & XS have Smart HDR. This is an upgraded model to the standard X’s ‘HDR’. It improves photos with high contrast and ensures that all areas are well lit and detailed.

Apple’s new dual-camera setup has also increased the size of the pixels, allowing the iPhone XS Max more light to be absorbed, which leads to improved low-light performance.

Apple’s camera app makes it easy to use. It has minimal settings that allow for a simple and intuitive shooting experience.

By tapping the ‘1x” icon on the screen, you can quickly jump between the two zoom levels. This brings you closer to your subject without affecting quality.

You’ll discover a new feature on the iPhone XS Max when you slide over to portrait mode and take a photo. The front camera, which is 7MP, has been upgraded to replace the iPhone X’s selfie snapper.

The new Smart HDR mode is now available, as well as the portrait mode. The rear cameras record the depth of the shot to create a blur effect. However, the front camera digitally produces the bokeh effect.

Although the results are excellent, it isn’t as good at cutting out the subject. It can be fooled by messy, fluffy hair, and the blur effect can sometimes spill over onto the edges.

Overall, the dual-camera feature on the iPhone XS Max has a minor improvement over the iPhone X. You’ll see the differences in the scene shown on the different handsets, but it’s not a significant leap in smartphone photography.

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