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Reset iPhone Without iTunes

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Apple released its iPhone within the first year. Connecting to an iTunes computer was the easiest method to restore or set the device. Apple then replaced iTunes for Mac with the Music App. iTunes isn’t compatible on all Windows PCs.

How to reset or restore iPhone using settings, the Finder or a third-party application for times that iTunes isn’t accessible


Resetting vs. Restoring an iPhone

It is not uncommon for people to interchange “reset”with “restore”. They refer both to two different processes.

Resetting your device is an easier option. It can wipe all your data, depending on which option you choose. It will not change the firmware nor the version of the operating system.

Resetting your device will give you more options. All data will not be lost.


The best thing to do if your iPhone is having major issues is to get it fixed. Or you may still be seeing error codes.

A restore iPhone can be done by wiping your data and then installing the operating systems again from scratch.

This process can also be subdivided into two categories: restoring an iPhone’s original working state with data, or restoring data to a backup.

What is the best way to reset my iPhone without iTunes

iPhone reset is simple without iTunes.


  1. Switch on the device, and make sure it isn’t connected directly to iTunes.
  2. Applications are now open.
  3. Navigate To Reset or Transfer an iPhone, go to
  4. A list with all the available reset options will be displayed.


Enter a passcode to initiate the reset process.

You can restore your iPhone with iTunes using these steps if you have an iPhone that has stopped working or isn’t responding to your questions.


Restoring iPhone on a Mac using iTunes

Apple has discontinued iTunes for Macs. Finder can be used to restore your iPhone.

  1. Connect your iPhone with your Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Open Browse to choose your iPhone.
  3. Enter your passcode to refresh the screen.
  4. Click Restore iPhone to the General Tab of Finder to delete the entire device.

Depending on the issue, it might also be necessary for the firmware to be restored . This will enable the iPhone to enter DFU mode.


Restoring iPhone on Windows PC with iTunes

If you need to recover your iPhone from a Windows machine, it can be more complicated. FonePaw (the top brand) and Tenorshare (the best) are the top choices.

Tenorshare will dominate this guide.

Tendershare – How To Restore An iPhone Disabled

Let us now see how to restore an iPhone if it has stopped working, or is disabled with iTunes.

Get started by downloading the Tenorshare ReiBoot Application. It is available as a paid subscription, or you can use it free of charge.

After the app is installed, configure it. Then connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer. Bluetooth or WiFi are not compatible.

You can use the one button buttons to enter/exit recovery mode.


A list of iOS issues may appear. Select the nearest match and click Fix It. ReiBoot provides two options. One is a Quick Repair which is less efficient but doesn’t delete data. The other is the Full Repair. This is less efficient but will delete all data.

Whatever process you choose, follow the steps shown on screen to get your iPhone back into its original settings and complete the repair.


Tenorshare-How to Restore iPhone data

You might be able to retrieve important files and documents from your iPhone. Compatible with Windows or macOS.

This iPhone app offers some advantages over iTunes. Each file can be restored individually from an iTunes backup.


These steps help you restore iPhone files without iTunes

  1. The UltData software can be downloaded and installed.
  2. Depending on your goal, choose Recovery from iOS Devices. Repair Data from Backup. Recover From iCloud.
  3. Select the files that are to be restored.
  4. Click the scan link. To view all items and make any necessary repairs,


Third-Party apps provide more options than iTunes

It may seem strange that iTunes is not available for iPhone resets and restores. However, third-party applications often offer more capabilities than iTunes.

Tenorshare allows quick access to Recovery, and helps you resolve a range of issues. UltData is able to retrieve all types and data from iPhones and iCloud backups. You can still access some options using other methods.

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