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Rename Bluetooth Device Iphone

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You can change the name of the Bluetooth gadget on the iPhone to give it a more personal ring to it. This article explains the steps needed to change the name of your Bluetooth gadget on the iPhone.

The devices are supplied with the default name of the manufacturer. The names of devices are based on a specific format, similar to the brand name, and are it is followed by the model of the device. Certain Bluetooth devices have names that are not understandable in particular if they’re produced in a non-US nation. Imagine that 10 people in a room are using the same brand as well as model well-known Bluetooth headset. Connecting to a device that shares the same name as its default can be difficult. However, there’s an option to change the name of a Bluetooth accessory on your iPhone. This article will outline the steps you must follow to change the name of the Bluetooth device on your iPhone. Bluetooth accessory.

How do I change my Discoverable name on my iPhone?

On iOS, the device name is its Bluetooth namesake, and it can be confusing because multiple iPhones within the same range have names that are similar. Change the name of the device to alter the Bluetooth name by following these simple steps.

  1. The Open the Settings.
  2. Navigate to General > About.
  3. Click on the name. This is the name used by other devices for identifying the iPhone in the event of a Bluetooth connection.
  4. In the name screen, type in the name of your choice in place of the existing one. Click Do it on the iPhone keyboard.

  5. Return to Settings > Bluetooth. The iPhone is now searchable by its new name.

Naming the name of a Bluetooth accessory requires internet connectivity between the iPhone as well as your Bluetooth. The following sections will show you the steps you must do to change the name of a Bluetooth accessory on your iPhone.

Join Your Bluetooth Device to your iPhone

Before you can change the name of a Bluetooth accessory on an iPhone first, you must connect the accessory in question via your mobile. To connect the Bluetooth device with your iPhone it is necessary to switch on the iPhone’s Bluetooth scanning feature, then search your phone for your Bluetooth accessory, and then connect to both devices. This article provides step-by-step instructions for how you can link Bluetooth devices with your iPhone. The article can be used to guide you in case you’ve never attempted the connection of Bluetooth devices with your iPhone.

  • How do I change My Bluetooth Name to Accessory for My iPhone?

Bluetooth accessories that connect to an iPhone connects to are equipped with default names for the devices they connect to. You can also assign these devices names that are unique to distinguish them. For example, changing the title of AirPods will make them easier to keep track of when you have a lot of pairs scattered around.

Allow Bluetooth and connect the accessory to it prior to proceeding with the steps.

  1. Select the Settings.

  2. Choose Bluetooth. The Bluetooth accessory must be off and connected wirelessly to the device.

  3. Click on the tiny circled “i” (information) symbol near the item.

  4. Choose the name and type in an entirely brand new name in the following screen. Click done in order to save your name.
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