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ReMarkable 2 tablet review

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The ReMarkable 2 offers the most intuitive digital sketching and handwriting experience.

ReMarkable 2 is a tablet that improves on ReMarkable Tablet in nearly every way. This makes it a premium tablet experience that excels at its core purpose, letting you draw and take notes with no distractions.

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The device is expensive due to the fact that it only supports greyscale document editing and note taking using e-ink canvas screen technology. There’s no app store, web browser, or video playback support. This is almost the point. The device is for creation and not consumption. You can sync your ideas with the cloud to access them wherever you are.

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The ReMarkable 2 has a new design, improved pen responsiveness and smart upgrades such as a pen eraser and USB C charging. There are some issues, such as the inability to replace pen nibs and the fact that the eBook experience could be improved. It’s difficult to fault the core writing experience.


An iPad, or any of the other best tablets, is ideal for you if you plan to play games, watch videos, or use apps. The ReMarkable 2 is the best option if you want to draw all day and write your novel notes.

Review of ReMarkable 2: Price and availability

  • Now
  • Prices $399 / PS399/ AU$679

ReMarkable 2 specs

Weight: 403.5g

Dimensions 187 x 246x 4.7mm

Display Size: 10.3 inches

Resolution: 1404 x 1872

Chipset: 1.2GHz dual core ARM processor


Storage: 8GB

Rear Camera: N/A

Front camera – N/A

Pre-installed Software:Codex

Battery: 3,000mAh

Charging – USB-C charging

The ReMarkable 2 is now available and costs $399 / PS399 / AU$679. You can also buy replacement pen nibs, leather magnetic covers, and replacement pens separately.

Additional charges include the Marker at $49 / AU$79, Folio at $69 / AU$119, Marker Plus at $99 / AU$169, and Marker Plus at $99 / AU$169. A leather case costs $149 / AU$249. You get the Folio and Marker with your tablet for free.

It will not be easy to sell the tablet as it is more expensive than the entry level iPad. The iPad offers far more functionality with its color screen, App store access, and full multimedia support. The ReMarkable 2 is worth considering for artists and note-takers. It doesn’t offer as many features as Apple’s tablet but it does what it does very well.

ReMarkable 2 review: design

  • Very thin
  • 10.3-inch screen

The ReMarkable 2 is a large Kindle that you can use to write on. It measures 187 x 246 x 4.7 mm and weighs 403.5g.

(Image credit: Future)

This screen is the main attraction of the show. It won’t amaze you with its colors and smooth motion. It’s all about the writing and reading experience. It is sharp due to its 226 DPI density (a resolution 1872×1404) and easy on the eyes thanks to the same antireflective properties as other E Ink devices. It is light-textured and provides a satisfying amount friction for writing on it with the included marker pen.

The ReMarkable 2’s exterior is much more refined than the original. The original’s plasticky casing has been replaced by a gunmetal aluminum frame with an off-white border around the screen and running to the rear panel. Four tiny rubber feet on the rear panel prevent the tablet from slipping while writing on a table. The top-left corner houses a power button, while the USB-C charging port is located in the bottom left corner.

It is especially convenient to move to an aluminum frame because it allows the ReMarkable tablet to make use of magnetic accessories such as snap-on covers. There are two new leather bookcase covers in black and brown, as well as a slipin fabric folio.

The new and improved marker pens for tablet can also be attached magnetically to the right edge of the tablet. There are two options for the new model: the standard 15g Marker in white and the 19g Marker Plus with a built-in eraser. They are a great length and thickness, and are well-weighted for long writing sessions. They don’t last forever, however, just like real pen tips. Each pack contains 10 replacements. However, they will need to be replaced after 3 to 7 weeks of use, according to ReMarkable’s website. This could lead to additional costs that could quickly add up.

ReMarkable 2 review: using it

  • It feels very close to writing with a pen on paper
  • Simple, but functional interface

Do you remember when gadgets felt… gadgety. You wanted fun devices that didn’t care about ecosystems, notifications, wireless payments transactions and all the other boring stuff. The ReMarkable 2 is a reminiscence of that. It serves a singular purpose, which is to make writing on a mobile device fun. This feat is achieved in great style, even though it sacrifices the multitasking capabilities we have come to expect from our mobile phones.

This is not marketing hype. Writing with the ReMarkable 2’s Marker pens, on that CANVAS screen, really feels like you are writing on paper. The pens are pressure sensitive, can be tilted to shade at 50 degrees, and there is just a bit of friction on the surface. In short, it feels like writing on paper with a traditional pad connected to a computer.

(Image credit: Future)

The accuracy of strokes is excellent, with almost no lag between movements and what’s being displayed on the screen. The Marker Plus eraser works great, maybe even better than a real one. There is a slight pause in between lifting the eraser to remove your marks, so you can see exactly what’s happening.

TechRadar is far from being a professional artist, but these are some incredible efforts by Instagram to show the potential of what the tablet can do.

Although the interface is simple and uninspiring, it does the job. The Codex operating system starts with a tutorial. This teaches you how to set up ReMarkable accounts for cloud document sync, and gives you some tips and tricks on how to use your tablet.

(Image credit: Future)

This is where you will see a grid of all your documents. You can organize them into folders or create new Notebooks.

You can choose to have all pages blank or one of 35 pre-made templates applied. These include storyboards, perspective grids, week planners, and simple lined, margined page. With multiple sizes and pen types, including charcoal effect pencils and paint brush strokes, you can then add layers to the pages, scribble on them and make changes. You can zoom in on fine details, select areas, undo or redo line strokes, and make adjustments as you would with any computer drawing program. This is a fantastic, intuitive drawing application.

Even more amazing is the experience of starting to write. ReMarkable 2 can recognize 33 languages and can identify both block letters and cursive input. It can interpret and convert your handwriting into text documents that can be edited in a word processor. Although it’s not perfect and your handwriting should be clearer and contain more grammatical marks, I was amazed at how well the program translated my notoriously spidery handwriting. It will give you an idea of where to start your edits.

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