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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ PS5, Xbox Update Reportedly Got Canceled by Rockstar Games — But Why

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Rockstar Games insider says “Red Dead Redemption 2”, a re-release of the game for next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5 (PS5) or Xbox Series X, might have been canceled.

The latest leak follows players of Red Dead Redemption 2 learning that Rockstar Games is slowing development of Red Dead Online in order to focus on its popular “Grand Theft Auto” series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 Xbox Release Cancelled

According to a news article by DBLTAP, rumors suggest that Rockstar Games will release a next-generation Red Dead Redemption, or more like an enhanced edition, for the most recent gaming consoles, such as the Xbox and PS5.

A leaker says that Rockstar Games, the publisher of “Red Dead”, has apparently abandoned the rumored project.

Tez2, a leaker, revealed that Rockstar Games had already cancelled the “Red Dead Redemption 2” release on PS5/Xbox Series S and X.

Tez2 was asked by a Rockstar Games user if it was “safe to assume that Red Dead Redemption II won’t get a PS5/Xbox Series S/X” release.

The Rockstar Games insider quickly responded with a “yes” to the question. Tez2 also admitted that he had been aware of it for a while.

According to Game Rant’s recent report,, the reliable leaker, did not provide any further details.

It remains to be seen whether Rockstar Games will cancel the release “Red Dead Redemption 2” for new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Instead, they will focus on “Grand Theft Auto.” It is not clear why this has to happen.

Can the Enhanced Rockstar Editor also be cancelled?

The reliable leaker suggests that it is possible that the game publisher has halted plans to create an Enhanced Rockstar Editor. Tez2 suggests that this might have been canceled entirely or halted temporarily.

As such, it is possible that we will still see it happening in the near future as the game publisher focuses on its “Red Dead,” franchise instead of its ever-popular and “Grand Theft Auto” series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 Xbox Release

Game Rant also reported that Grand Theft Auto’s publisher has not confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is being re-released for next-generation consoles.

However, rumors and speculations among players and fans have been circulating for some time. The latest leak claims that the game has been canceled.

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