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Reasons to hire a marketing agency to design your dental website

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As a dentist, you should have a website. It helps you connect with potential patients 24×7, convey information about your practice, helps customers find you quickly, and serves as a helpful marketing tool.

However, simply having a website is not enough. It should be attractive, engaging, informative, and responsive with the highest levels of security. For example, HIPAA compliance is mandatory since you will deal with sensitive and confidential customer information.

But rather than trying to design a site yourself, it is better to hire professionals who are experts in creating the best dental websites to ensure it is efficient, user-friendly, and customer-oriented.

Here is some more information you will find helpful.

Why should you hire a marketing agency?

Having professional designers take care of the design process will help your site get a professional look and feel. A custom-built site, according to your practice’s business requirements, aesthetics, and functions, gives you complete control over the design elements.

Before hiring a dental website design agency, you should ensure that they specialize in working exclusively with dentists. They must also understand its various requirements like blogging on autopilot, social media integrations, lighting fast hosting, SSL certificate and security, and site speed optimization.

A dental marketing company will help you build an informative web page containing relevant customer information, including phone number, dental practice name, address, and schedule appointment link.

Qualities of a good dental website

These are some features to look for in a good website for dentists.

Mobile optimized framework

Many patients and potential patients will access your website on their mobile phones. Therefore, the site should be mobile-optimized to work smoothly on various handheld devices or screen sizes.

An agency can do this by including horizontal menu bars with hamburger drop-downs and text around compressed images that can resize depending on the output screen resolution.

Blogging on Autopilot

Your blog should inform the patients on various dental-related topics, treatments and procedures, the kind of anesthetic used, and technologies available for the treatments, as these showcase your knowledge on this topic.

Rather than posting your content, an agency can publish quality content through its expert team of copywriters that will keep the audiences engaged and ensure they repeatedly visit your site for dental queries.

HIPAA compliant posts

Posting posts on various social media channels that are HIPAA compliant helps potential patients get a transparent look at your practice and helps them know the benefits of choosing you as their dentist.

Cost of hiring a dental agency

A dental marketing agency will charge around 4,000 USD for custom website design services. However, you will find agencies that waive the design fee by providing a 4,000 USD credit if you opt for additional marketing services like SEO, social media, and reputation management (influencing how people think about your brand).

How long does the designing process take?

An efficient dental marketing company will take between six to 12 weeks to design a website. You could ask them to launch the website earlier than usual, but the edits and updates will be done after the website goes live.

The exact time it takes to design a website depends on other factors like the number of changes and alterations. One or two iterations are expected during the designing process.

You should hire a professional marketing agency specializing in designing dental websites to help you create a responsive, informative, and high-ranking website with an attractive design. It will help you attract more potential patients, retain the existing ones, and build your practice’s credibility.

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