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PUBG New State release date, how to download and what you need to know

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PUBG: New State is finally here, ready to give new life to the battle royale frenzy that has been ongoing for a while. Fortnite and Apex Legends have continued the gaming industry’s obsession with the “last-man-standing” mode.

PUBG: New State, a mobile exclusive, was announced in February 2021 along with a cryptic trailer. This left fans eager to find out more about the survival shooter.

How eager! Krafton, the game’s creator, said that more than 50 million pre-registrations had been made on the Google Play Store in anticipation for its November 11th, 2021 arrival.

It’s here! Below, however, you will find all the information you need about PUBG New State, including new maps, modes, and features.

PUBG New States: Cut to the chase

  • What’s it? A mobile-only battle royale video game
  • When was it published? November 11, 20,21
  • How much does it cost? Play with microtransactions for free

PUBG Mobile New States Release Date and Price

Krafton confirmed that PUBG New State would launch on Android devices and iOS devices in late 2021. The game was then released on November 11.

One Android Police reporter was able capture an entire hour of gameplay ahead-of-time (which you can find here(opens new tab).) So we had a pretty good idea how PUBG New State would play.

The game is free to play, regardless of its price. PUBG: New State, like its predecessor, is filled with in-game content that can be purchased, such as skins, weapons, and future expansions.

Here’s how to Download for Android (opens new tab), or you can down it on iPhone or iPad here (opens new tab).

What is it?

First, PUBG: New State does not refer to PUBG 2. We are hesitant to call it a sequel. It’s an exclusive battle royale game for Android and iOS that was released in 2018, following the release and PUBG Mobile in 2018, and and PUBG Mobile Light in 2020.

The game’s futuristic setting is what makes it different from the original mobile-only version (and the console counterpart). It takes place in 2051, on Troi, and features advanced weapons and perks.

PUBG: New State has many new features to the battle royale game that helped to put it on the map. We’ll go into detail about them below. But, it looks exactly like the classic PUBG experience we love.

PUBG Studios, which was responsible for the original PC hit, developed the game rather than Tencent, who created PUBG Mobile. The mobile version of PUBG is far more successful than its PC counterpart, especially in terms of revenue. It was the top-grossing mobile game in May 2020. So it makes sense that the original developers of the game are focusing on the clearly-profitable mobile players.

What’s New with New State?

The new futuristic setting of PUBG: New State is the first departure from the current PUBG titles. Players will be navigating a sprawling city with both suburban and natural living in 2051, on a map called Troi.

It measures 8 x 8. This map is similar in size to Miramar and Erangel from mainline PUBG. You can find details about the new map here. A complete top-down view can be found (opens in new tab).

The game launched with three additional maps, including fan-favorite Erangel. This map has been “updated and given futuristic twists” specifically for New State.

This futuristic setting also brings a new array of gadgets. Both the gameplay reveal and trailer showed drones capable of delivering loot and deployable combat shields. These are similar to the ones we saw in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3. We also found shiny new weapons and new vehicles, including TRON-like bikes. In-game customization of weapons is possible in a similar fashion to Apex Legends’ dynamic mod mechanic.

Developer also promised “ultra-realistic graphics to push the limits in mobile gaming,” which is consistent with gameplay we have seen.

New State employs state-of the-art rendering technology to bring mobile gaming to a level with PUBG’s PC version. Features include global illumination, auto instancing, and auto-exposure. These graphical enhancements have also completely transformed the gunplay system. You can see it in action by following the tweet below.

New State’s stunning graphics are not limited to those with the most recent mobile hardware. Krafton, who was showcasing the game at a media event before its November launch, confirmed that the game is optimized for the majority of users. This explains why its system requirements are: iOS 13 or later on an iPhone 6S or 6S and Android OS 6 on any Android phone with at least 2GB RAM.

Expect to see a smooth framerate and a noticeable visual improvement over the mobile-based predecessor. This is especially unfortunate considering that it was designed for handheld devices.

It’s enough to say that if you have a new phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 13 you will be able enjoy PUBG New State with optimal settings.

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