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PS5 price is not really $499 — this is the true cost

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Although the PS5 may be divided on its appearance, it is a truly remarkable gaming machine. You can buy a 4K console for $499 (PS449 U.K.). If you want to purchase one of the most powerful gaming PCs, or build one yourself, you will need to spend over $1500.

There’s also the $399 (PS359) PS5 Digital Edition which has the same power and features as the standard console, but it doesn’t have the Blu-ray drive. Both machines come with next-generation technology for less than $500 thanks to the fast PCIe4.0 SSD. This sounds like a great deal, right? Well not quite.

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You can still find where you can buy a PS5 for $399, but that’s just the minimum price you’ll have to pay. To get the best out of your PS5, you’ll need to spend a lot more. Here’s how much the PS5 will cost you.

SSD upgrade: $200/PS200 estimated

The PS5’s 825GB SSD is available, but only 667.2GB is actually usable. This is due to the large amount of storage used by the operating system and other software required for the console’s operation. It would be great if modern games were less than 50GB. Sometimes, it can even be more. You will need to upgrade your storage if you plan to keep a large library of games on your PS5.

There are currently no Sony-certified PICe4.0 SSDs. However, considering the Xbox Series X’s 1TB PCIe 4.0 expansion card is $219/PS219 we don’t think an SSD upgrade for the PS5 will be very affordable. To increase the internal storage capacity of the console, we expect that you will need to spend an additional $200/PS200.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: $99/PS89

Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech is included on the PS5. This delivers rich 360-degree audio via smart processing to provide a better experience for PS5 games . Although the tech is compatible with some TVs, the best way to enjoy the full experience is the PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless headset.

It’s quite affordable for a headset that requires proprietary tech and costs $99/PS89. However, this still adds a significant amount to the total price of the PS5.

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Spare DualSense controller $69/PS59

The DualSense controller by Sony is an exceptional peripheral due to its unique haptics. It can deliver a more tactile, immersive gaming experience when used well. Our own Marshall Honorof thought DualSense was a gimmick, until he tried Demon’s Souls. The PS5 only comes with one DualSense controller. The controller can be recharged via USB-C but it only lasts about four to six hours.

You might also want to keep a spare controller on hand in case your main one goes out of juice during a gaming session. You can also play split-screen multiplayer with your friends if the coronavirus pandemic passes. You will need to pay an additional $69/PS59 for this, which is a reasonable price for such a sophisticated controller. However, a second DualSense increases the cost of owning an PS5 by yet another.

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Plus: $59/PS49 per annum

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required to access multiplayer games, online elements in titles such as Demon’s Souls and cloud saves.

A yearly subscription costs $59/PS49 and is the most cost-effective way to get it. Although it might seem expensive, Microsoft offers Xbox cloud saves for free. PC gamers have enjoyed unlimited access to both multiplayer gaming platforms and cloud sync and save systems since the beginning. However, that’s not the case with Sony and its PlayStation consoles.

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Exclusive PS5 games $118/PS118

The PS5 will bring a new generation of games. They can cost as high as $70/PS70 per game. This means that you may have to accept spending more money to buy them as soon as possible. If you just bought a PS5, your main choices of exclusives will be Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls. They cost $49/PS49, $69/PS69, respectively on the PlayStation Store.

We don’t think it makes sense to buy one game for the PS5 so we will assume that you will want two to get started with the new console. This means that you will need to pay $118/PS118 for two games. One is an expansion pack for a 2018 game, and one is also available on the PlayStation4. The other is a remake of a 2009 game, though it is quite ugly. Do you want a third-party title with next-gen graphics and sound? You could also opt for Assassin’s Creed Vahalla. This will still cost $59/PS59 but has been discounted for the holiday season. You can wait to see if there are any game sales but getting a complete set of PS5 games is not going to be inexpensive.

The PS5’s true cost is $1,044/PS964 standard PS5 and $944/PS874 digital PS5 edition

After you take into account all peripherals, games and other non-essential items, you will be spending at least $944/PS874 on the PS5 Digital Edition and as high as $1,044/PS964 on the standard PS5. This is a lot of money for a machine that is locked into one ecosystem.

You can make a decent gaming computer for that amount, but you will need to shop around. PC games can be much cheaper than traditional PC games, as they offer a wide range of games, from obscure indie games to classics from decades ago.

However, if you plan to play at 4K or at least at dynamic resolutions scaling up to 4K you will need to spend more on a gaming computer. The PS5 still offers a surprising value, despite our calculations.

It is difficult to get a PS5 right away, as they have been selling out all over the world. Wait until 2021, when demand will have stabilized a bit. You could get a bargain bundle and a wider selection of games. We believe that 2021 will be the year for the PS5.

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