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PS4 Controller Not Working?

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Your DualShock 4 controller should work fine most of the time. It can be frustrating when your PlayStation 4 controller doesn’t respond or disconnects randomly.

Let’s take a look at how to fix a PS4 controller that isn’t working so you can go back to your favorite games.

PS4 Controller Will Not Connect or Pair

Normaly, the PS button on your controller should be pressed to turn it on and connect with your system. If it isn’t connecting, the light bar will flash on your controller for a while before turning it off.

This happens often if your DualShock 4 is paired with another console. The PS4 controller attempts to connect to that device. If you pair your PS4 with a friend’s console or your PC, the controller will try to connect to that console the next time it turns on.

You will need to repair your DualShock 4 and connect it to your PS4. You will need to connect your controller with your PS4 via a micro-USB connector. You should ensure that the cable you use is of high quality and works well.

After they are physically connected, press and hold the PST Button on your controller. The light will flash briefly, then turn blue. (Or another solid color, if you have a controller already connected). This indicates that the PS4 controller is successfully paired and connected.

You can pair your DualShock 4 with another device nearby, such as a phone or PlayStation 5. If this happens, you will need to turn on the other device to connect the controller. Turn off the other device that your DualShock 4 is currently paired with and unplug it.

You can now use your controller wirelessly after you have repaired it. The PS4 will keep track of it until you pair it with another device. In the meantime, the PS Button should automatically connect as soon as you press it.

You can only have four DualShock 4 controllers connected to your PS4 at a time. To make space for four more controllers, disconnect the ones you have already connected.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting

There are several things you can do if your DualShock 4 suddenly stops working while you’re playing.

Make sure that your controller’s battery is fully charged. Although it sounds easy, if your controller battery is nearly dead, it could cause the controller to disconnect. To check the battery life of your controller, hold down the PS button and the Quick Menu will appear on the left. At the bottom of your screen will be a button that displays the controller icon and battery life.

To ensure that your battery charging animation is visible, plug your controller into the PS4 and return to the Quick Menu. You can then use your controller as usual after it has changed for a while.

If your PS4 controller is not having problems, ensure that you don’t place your controller too far from your system. Bluetooth’s range is approximately 30 feet. Depending on your setup, your controller may be able be used further or restricted to a certain distance.

This is why you need to try to reduce interference between your console and controller. You should remove any metal objects, such as shelves or laptops, between them. This could interfere with the signal. For better reception and signal transmission, you should take your PS4 outside of any enclosed spaces.

Remember that the PS4 has an option that will turn off controllers when they are idle for a certain amount of time. To prevent your PS4 controller from turning off while you are using media apps such as YouTube, go to settings > Power save Settings > Set Time until Controllers Turn Off. Then choose Never. This will drain the controller battery even if you aren’t using it.

There are a few things you can do to fix your PS4 controller that isn’t working.

Below are some solutions to common DualShock 4 issues. Let’s now look at general solutions to problems with PS4 controllers. These are the solutions for your PS4 controller that won’t respond.

1. Restart Your Console

Most controller problems are caused by the controller, but there is a possibility that the problem may be with your PS4. Before you attempt to troubleshoot further, make sure your console is restarted.

If your controller can access menus without problems, press the PS Button and then open the Quick Menu. Next, go to Power > Restart PS4 for a reboot.

If your controller doesn’t respond, hold down the Power button on your PS4 console and wait for two beeps. This will turn off the console completely. Once it is powered off, with no lights on its front, press the power button to turn it on again. If the orange light appears, it means that your system has entered Rest Mode. This is not a complete shutdown.

You can try your controller again after a reboot. If necessary, connect it via a USB cable.

2. Don’t forget to Re-Pair your 4S4 Controller

You can access the menu to delete a controller that is having issues if you have a second PS4 or PS Move controller. Go to Settings > Bluetooth Devices. Select the DualShock4 entry. It’s the one without a green light.

The Options menu will open. Click the Forget Device button on the controller. Your PS4 will then remove the device from its memory, so you’ll need to re-pair it.

You might want to try a different pairing method. Have your PS4 controller repaired at startup? As explained above, turn off your PS4 completely. After it has been turned off, connect the USB cable to the controller. To pair your controller, hit the PS Button and turn it on.

If that fails, you can turn on your PS4 again and pair it as normal.

3. Hard Reset Your PS4 Controller

If the removal and re-pairing of the controller fails, you can try the complete reset procedure for DualShock 4. To do this, you will need a small pointed object such as a bent paperclip or a SIM card-ejection tool.

Turn off your PS4 completely, then flip the controller over. When the controller is flipped over, you’ll notice a small hole near the screw that holds the L2 button. You can press the button within this hole with your pointed tool for approximately five seconds.

After you have done that, connect your controller again to your PS4 via USB cable.

4. Connect the PS4 controller to another device

If you have not already done so, connect the PS4 controller having trouble with another device. Your controller may be defective if you experience similar issues on your friend’s PS4, a PC, or a smartphone.

If possible, it’s a good idea if you can use another PS4 controller. If you borrow a DualShock 4 from a friend and it fails to work properly, there is likely a problem with your PS4’s wireless connectivity.

5. The Controller can be used in wired mode

You should not give up on your PS4 controller. Instead, try connecting it via a USB cable. This only works with the new model PS4 controllers. If the light bar on your controller’s front is visible, you will know that it is this model. If it isn’t, your controller may be an older model and you can’t force wired communications.

To make your PS4 connect controllers via USB, go to Settings > Devices>>> and select Use USB Cable. This will stop the DualShock 4 from using Bluetooth even though it is connected via USB.

You should also get a longer USB cable if this is possible. This will allow you to still play your favorite games from your couch, even when you are wired in. The Ailun three-pack of 10-foot micro USB cables is a great value option.

DualShock 4 Hardware Fix Options

DualShock 4 controllers come with a 1-year warranty, just like other hardware. You can request a repair for your PS4 controller if it hasn’t worked in the past year if you purchased it within the last 12 months.

You can also open your controller to attempt hardware repairs on your own. This may not be possible depending on the issue. If you aren’t confident doing it yourself, we recommend calling a local technician.

PS4 Controller Issues, Patched Up

You now know how to fix most common PS4 controller problems. You will need to use the hardware fix options above for more specific issues, such as a button not working. YouTube tutorials may help you fix minor problems, but it is important to not further damage your controller.

Your DualShock 4 problem should be easy to resolve. If not, there are many great options for you to choose from.

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