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Project Cambria: All there is to know about Meta’s rumored Oculus Quest Pro

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Project Cambria is a crucial step in Facebook’s metamorphosis and embrace of the metaverse. Project Cambria, which is also known as the Oculus Quest pro by pundits and eager fans, is a high-end hybrid headset that combines virtual reality and augmented realities.

After the great success of the Oculus Qest 2, Project Cambria became public at the Meta Connect conference in Oct 2021. It would be different from the Oculus Qest 2 (and eventually OculusQuest 3), as it is aimed at the enthusiast and pro end of mixed-reality markets.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, described it as “a completely different advanced and high-end product” that will “at the higher price range.”

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Meta will look to strengthen its position in the VR market with Apple rumored to be developing high-end virtual reality and augmented reality devices.


Interested? Are you interested? 2022 looks like a significant year for virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality headsets (AR). This is everything we know so far about Project Cambria.

Project Cambria: Let’s get to the point

  • What’s it all about? Meta is the top-of-the-line headset for wireless virtual reality. It’s unrestricted and free from the same affordability restrictions as other Oculus headsets.
  • When will it be out? Meta committed to a 2022 release.
  • How much will it cost? According to a leaked internal roadmap, Project Cambria would cost $799 (around AU$1,125 / PS640).

Latest News

August 4 – The Oculus Quest 2 latest system update contains references to features it does not have. This suggests that Project Cambria might be nearing launch.

July 7,: Project Cambria’s Official Name may have been leaked. Many expected it to be the Meta Quest Pro.

July 5,: A leak from Meta has revealed that Project Cambria Meta’s most valuable VR headset is now.

June 22,: Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, has released his latest predictions regarding Project Cambria. He predicts that it will use miniLED displays and pancake lense.

May 12 – We have seen Project Cambria live, but the preview of the VR headset has left unimpressed .

May 3, Meta’s VR Hardware roadmap has been leaked. It gives us details about its next four VR headsets, including its price and specifications: Project Cambria.

April 29, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Project Cambria would be more focused on productivity than video games during a recent Meta earnings conference. The Meta CEO hopes it will replace the laptop and work setup.

April 28, The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, highlighted many exciting Quest 2 games in the future, such as Among Us VR or Cities: VR. However, there was no mention of any new hardware.

April 15, Unofficial renderings Using leaked information from the supply chain might provide insight into Project Cambria’s design.

April 12, Tech analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicts that Meta’s VR headset will soon be refreshed with a higher screen resolution and new miniLED displays. The upgraded Quest headset will be available in the “2H22” second half of 2022.

Feb. 26: Facebook, the company formerly known as Facebook, is disbanding its team that was working on an all-encompassing VR/AR operating system under the name XROS. Cambria will be running an Android-based OS.

Feb. 17: According to Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Meta Reality Labs full-body tracking will not be available on the Meta Quest 2 any time soon. Bosworth stated that those leaks were not false but premature. It will come to Cambria?

Feb. Feb. 8: The Quest 2 Software Development Kit is now available. This kit includes a range of tools that are designed to assist platform developers. It also features a feature called ‘body tracking support.

Release date and price

We have surprising details about the cost and availability of Project Cambria, despite the secrecy surrounding it. Meta has committed to a 2022 launch for the headset.

It is difficult to predict when exactly that launch will occur. We know, we know. The Oculus Qest 2 was launched in October 2020. The original Oculus Queest launched in May 2019. This is roughly 18 months apart. May 2022 would have been an appropriate guess based on this calculation, but we are now in Summer 2022 with no news.

There are many factors that can affect the development timelines of products. We wouldn’t bet on the future given the current pandemic and supply chain problems plaguing consumer tech products.

According to Zuckerberg, this device will cost more than the Oculus Quest 2 (which costs $299/PS299.99). According to The Information, Project Cambria will retail for $799, which is around PS640 / AU$1,125. It will also run on Meta’s Android-based operating system.


Meta has already been open about what Project Cambria will look like, and it is far more advanced than any Oculus headset before it.

Project Cambria is expected to have at least 8GB RAM, and probably around 256GB storage. This is based on the best Chromebooks currently available. It will likely also see its processor receive a boost. However, Meta might have to develop its own chip as Qualcomm has yet launch a successor to the Snapdragon XR2 which powers Meta’s Quest 2.

Cambria will also include dual mini-LED displays, which will probably offer a 120Hz refresh rate to improve on the Quest 2’s 120Hz feature.

Unofficial renders that were based on “the Supply Chain” appeared in mid-April and seem to show a forward facing camera. This will allow mixed reality, or augmented reality support. Digital elements are overlayed over scenes from the real.

We know Project Cambria is a standalone wireless headset, regardless of the feeds and speeds. It will still be able to connect directly to a PC to experience PC VR. However, since the Oculus Rift line ended in 2021, Meta has been focusing on VR hardware that is cable-free.

This will set it apart from the PlayStationVR 2 which will be more entry-level and will still require a wire to connect to the PlayStation5.

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