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Prepare your wallet: Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU could already be in production

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Nvidia’s RTX4090 was spotted in documents from a manufacturer. This indicates that the flagship graphics cards are in production.

That’s at least the theory. However, we need to be careful with this leak, which is from the Baidu forums (in China), as Harukaze5719 has highlighted. As always, we cannot verify that the photographed documents are authentic.

Despite this, it does confirm what we have been hearing from the rumor mill: Nvidia plans to launch the RTX4090 as the first Lovelace GPU.

If this is true, then it would make sense for this card to be the first to go into production. This is what appears to have happened here. According to leaked material, the assembly lines were actually started on August 16th.

VideoCardz, which spotted the Twitter leakage, has explained that the factory that manufactured the RTX 4090 was not named (for the sake of anonymity), but it does show purported production schedules and that the GPU will be equipped with 24GB video memory ( according to previous speculation). The 4090 will also have three DisplayPorts as well as an HDMI connector.

Analyse: Keep these reasonable doubts in mind

These documents, as noted above, suggest that Nvidia plans to launch the flagship RTX 4090 first. If graphics cards are being manufactured now, they will be ready for the October launch, which is what is alleged. This could indicate an October release.

But, before we get too excited about this one, there are reasons for concern around the source of the leak. Baidu isn’t the most reliable place to get spillage. And, furthermore, commenters online pointed out another interesting snippet.

The documents also state a production rate for other Nvidia products, such as the RTX 3060 at 139 units an hour on one assembly line (assuming everything runs smoothly). However, the RTX 4090 has a blank entry in that column. This could indicate that the documents were not prepared prior to the GPU’s production. Can we trust that the schedule was followed?

Although it is fair to say that gossip from the grapevine will always have some what-ifs as well as buts, we can still take this positive sign to mean that the RTX 4090 will be available in October to launch the next-gen Lovelace range. But the question remains: How long will we have to wait before other RTX4000 GPUs are available?

Nvidia has had to make a difficult decision in recent times. Nvidia must decide whether to get the RTX 4080 or 4070 out on the heels the Lovelace flagship. Or, possibly until next year to allow for excess stock of Ampere equivalents to be sold through (in order keep partners who make graphics cards happy).

Let’s face the facts, most gamers don’t wait for the RTX 4090. Its high price makes it a niche proposition. Instead, they look at the two graphic cards below it and the RTX 4070. Given the rumors around the GPU being special, the majority of gamers are looking at these graphics cards.

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