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The abbreviation is P/S or PS power supply or the PSU (power power supply) is a part of the hardware of a computer, which provides all other components with energy. It converts 110-115 or 220-230 voltage AC (alternating current) to a steady, lower voltage DC (direct current) that can be used by computers and rated according to the number of watts that it produces. The image depicts the Antec True 300 which is which is a 325 Watt power supply.

What is the location of power source found in the computer?

The power supply is situated behind the computer, typically located at the top. However, more modern tower computer cases have the power supply on the bottom in the box. In the case of a desktop computer (all-in-one) the power source is situated on the left side or the back right.

  • What is the inside of a computer appear like?

Parts are found at the bottom of the power supply

Installing A Power Supply

Below is a list of the parts that you can see in the rear of your power supply.

  • An interface for connecting an electrical cable with the laptop computer.
  • A fan opens to let draw heat from the power source.
  • A red switch which changes the voltage of the power supply.
  • The toggle switch that turns the power supply off and on.

On the side of the supply power, that isn’t evident unless the computer is open, there are a number of cables. The cables connect to the computer’s motherboard and various internal components. The power supply connects to the motherboard via an ATX-style connector and could contain any of these cables that supply power to other devices.

  • An auxiliary connector
  • Berg connector
  • Connector Molex
  • P4 connector

Parts that are found in the power supply

Teardown of a PC power supply

Below is a listing of the parts in a power supply.

  • The rectifier transforms AC (alternating current) into DC.
  • An filter that smooths the DC (direct current) emanating from rectifiers.
  • The transformer which regulates the input voltage by shifting it up or down.
  • The voltage regulator that regulates the DC output, allowing for the appropriate quantity of energy, equivalent to volts (or watts to be delivered to the hardware of computers.

The sequence in which these power supply elements within the body perform their duties is as follows.

  1. Transformer
  2. Rectifier
  3. Filter
  4. Voltage Regulator

What are the items that run on the PSU of the computer PSU?

The entire components of the chassis is powered by the power supply. For instance the motherboard RAM hard drive, CPU, disc drives, and the majority of video cards (if there is one in the computer) are all powered by the power source. All other other external equipment as well as peripherals like your computer monitor and printer also have an energy source or draw power via the data cable as do others USB devices.

Is the fan only operate with a source of power?

When the computer is powered on and running, the fan(s) within the power supply should be operating. If the fan isn’t spinning (spinning) then either the computer isn’t functioning or the fan is damaged as well as the power source needs to be replaced.

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