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PlayStation VR review

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PlayStation VR was released in 2016 and is the most popular high-end VR headset.

This is not surprising considering how tempting it is to buy a PS4 if you already own one. It’s not surprising, considering how tempting it is to buy a room-tracking, PC-tethered headset like Oculus or HTC when you can simply plug something into your console.

In August 2018, Sony announced that it had shipped more than three million PSVR systems (opens new tab), and that 21.9 million VR apps and games had been sold with the headset.

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Even if you remove sales, the PlayStation VR is still a game-changing piece. We are confident that Sony will continue to expand its VR (and perhaps AR) offerings in the future. Rumors suggest that there may be a PlaystationVR 2 soon.

Although there is no plan to make a successor to the PlayStation 5 (opens new tab), you can still get an adapter for free to take advantage of the new console. As for a possible follow-up headset itself, we’re hopeful it could house an ultra-high-resolution display manufactured that boasts 1,001 pixels per inch. Fingers crossed.

Visit our dedicated PlayStationVR 2 hub to learn more about the headset.

  • Sony PlayStation VR (PS4 Silver) at Amazon for US$249.97

PlayStation VR and Barriers to VR

We shouldn’t forget that the PlayStation VR headset is bringing virtual reality to your console in an impressive way. It does this without the high-end VR headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

These headsets are more expensive to operate, but you will also need a gaming computer that can run them. This is a major barrier to entry for many people.

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The PlayStation VR virtual reality headset has been in use for nearly two years. This is due to many other reasons, which we will get into. This could change as VR companies move into cheaper products like the Oculus Go, but the PSVR is still one of the best VR headsets.

Sony is clearly serious about virtual reality. We have solid evidence that Sony is serious about virtual reality. This can be seen in the PlayStationVR games released so far.

The final touch? A revised headset was released in late 2017 that addresses the original headset’s lack of HDR passthrough, provides better audio quality, and overall comfort. Sony’s VR gear is in the future.

PlayStation VR versus all other games

The PlayStation VR is unique to any other on the market, at least for now. Oculus Rift may have closed the gap in cost, but the PSVR requires only a PS4 console. It does not require a costly PC.

We’ve already discussed the Oculus Go, but it lacks the same immersive gaming experience as the PSVR. It’s not a quick way to get into VR, but it is a great way for many people to try it.

It is amazing that the PSVR is affordable and as capable as it is. Although it has its flaws, the PlayStation VR is a great example of console VR that can be enjoyed.

We’ve now tried dozens of games on the PlayStation VR console, from Rocksteady’s impressive (but short) Batman: Arkham VR, to the laugh-out-loud funny Job Simulator, to the tear-jerking Wayward Sky and even gun-peripheral-toting horror game Farpoint VR.

While some of these titles were more enjoyable than others, they all made the same point: PSVR isn’t boring. Let’s start with the basics before we get into the finer points and foibles of PlayStation VR.

The launch of the PlayStation VR headset was a confusing one. The package reused existing PlayStation peripherals like the Camera and Move controllers. However, the PSVR headset was sold separately in certain instances.

The PSVR Launch Day bundle is the best option if you don’t have the Move Motion Controllers or PlayStation Camera. However, now that we are further down the line, the bundles and the messaging about exactly which components you will need – are far better.

PlayStationVR DOOM VFR bundle is now available for $261.99 (opens new tab) in the US. This bundle includes the headset, camera and DOOM VFR Bluray disc. A Skyrim VR bundle is also available for $349.99. These prices are $150 lower than the original listing price.

A starter pack in the UK costs PS 253.55 instead of PS349. The same pack costs AU$549.

Apart from the PlayStation VR unit and the PlayStation Camera itself, you will need a PS4 (either a slim version, the three year-old original, or the super-powerful PS4 PRO), a PS4 DualShock 4, controller, and a 6-foot by 10-foot play area that is well lit but not too bright.

The set-up of the PlayStation VR unit is quick and easy. The instructions provide a visual guide and clear directions to help you get started.

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