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When talking about the computing hard disk the term disk partition is used to refer to the term disk partition or partition or partition is a segment of the hard drive which is distinct from the rest of the segments. Partitions allow users to split an actual disk into logical segments. This includes, for instance, allowing several operating systems to be used simultaneously on the same computer.

In the case of older file allocation tables such as FAT 16 and FAT 16, reducing the size of partitions allow a computer’s hard drive to function more efficiently and to save disk space. But, with the advent of new table for allocation of files like FAT32 it is not the case anymore.

What drive should be the primary partition?

Primary Partition VS. Logical Drive: Their Exact Features

For Microsoft Windows computers by default, that first drive (disk zero or drive zero) is the one that contains the first partition. which is known as the C drive.

What would a partition appear like?

How to Partition a Hard Drive | PCMag

The most efficient way to check what a partition appears like is to start the disk management software.

Press the Windows key Type Disk Management Press, then release. Enter .

Sorts of partitions

There are also a variety of partition types. Here is a list of partitions along with an explanation of each.

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