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On Samsung Android phones, you can use WiFi Direct

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Wi-Fi Direct may be a feature Samsung Galaxy users are familiar with. This is a common problem when trying to transfer files between Samsung Galaxy phones. Before you can share files between Samsung phones over Wi-Fi Direct, you need to first set up Wi-Fi Direct. This guide will explain how to use WiFi Direct between Android and Samsung phones.

While it is possible for devices to be connected from different manufacturers, it can sometimes be complicated, such as connecting a Samsung device with an LG, HTC, or Motorola. You can use a third-party Wifi Direct Transfer application to pair Samsung phones with other smartphones or exchange data via WiFi direct. To learn how to do this, refer to this tutorial.

What is Wi-Fi Direct and how can it help you?

Wi-Fi Direct was originally known as ” WiFi P2P”, and ” WiFi peer-to-to_peer”. It allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices without the need for a router to connect to one another wireless network. Wi-Fi Direct technology works in the same way as Bluetooth technology. It allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices to communicate with each other peer to peer. Wi-Fi Direct offers faster data transfer speeds than Bluetooth transfer. The data transfer speeds between devices farther apart are faster.

How do I enable Wi-Fi Direct on Samsung phones?

It all depends on which model your phone is and what version of android it is. Samsung >>Apps>>>>>>> We found that older models can be found under Settings >> Wireless & Network >> More settings and networks. Wi-Fi Direct may also be available.

Your Samsung smartphone model can be found from Samsung >>Apps> Settings >> Wireless & Network >> WiFi or WLAN. Below is a screenshot that shows where to activate Wi-Fi Direct for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Slide to toggle Wi-Fi Direct. You don’t have to connect to Wi-Fi Direct. Click the Additional options button.

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