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NX 1300

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Kenwood has a new computerized radio, the NX-1300. This is the primary TDMA and FDMA skilled radio delivered by Kenwood Radio. This implies that you can get this Kenwood radio to match the frequencies of another radio armada that are various brands.

Kenwood NX 1300 Features

Multi-convention computerized radio: Designed to work under NXDN or DMR advanced and FM

  • Simple conventions
  • Browse direct and natural LCD with standard keypad or essential nooks
  • Simple apparent Display: 8-digit LCD models including high-contrast, white illuminated LCD
  • Huge 7-Color LED pointer on the top board
  • Specific Power-on LED
  • Specific Call Alert LED
  • Battery Level Indication
  • Multi-status work sign
  • RF yield power 5W both on VHF/UHF
  • Blended Zone – simple and advanced
  • Prestigious KENWOOD Audio Quality: TX/RX sound profile with optimizable
  • Advanced processor
  • Sound Equalizer: Flat, High, Low
  • Auto Gain Control: On, High, Low, Off
  • Commotion Suppressor
  • Mouthpiece type settings
  • Different Scan Functions; Dual Priority, Single Priority, Single Zone, Multi,
  • Ordinary Scan
  • VOX and PTT – set off Semi-VOX, Voice-worked TX
  • Crisis Function: Customizable Emergency Profile
  • Solitary Worker
  • Max/Min Volume setting and Volume control
  • Voice Announcement
  • Remote Stun/Kill/Check
  • Front Panel Programming Mode (for Keypad model)
  • Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • IP54 and IP55
  • Inherently protected choice (Available later)

Approved Dealer

Radiotronics is a completely approved Kenwood Communications affiliate, authorize straight by JVCKenwood UK. All items are provided with a full UK guarantee. Guarantee your buys are provided by an approved seller to be certain the guarantee is legitimate. Buy in certainty that Radiotronics is a completely approved Kenwood Communications vendor.

Kenwood NX-1300 Configurable Bundle

This helpful Kenwood NX-1300 configurable pack is preconfigured with six NX-1300 (UHF) two way radios with six batteries, six thickset recieving wires and six belt cuts. The radios are as of now evaluated with a solitary charger. Assuming you need a 6-position charger, you can just extra the charger stage and utilize your single charger cases to make your own six way charger.

Kenwood NX-1300

The NX-1300DE3 is an UHF advanced half and half two-way radio from Kenwood. Radiotronics success in 2020, the NX-1300DE3 is the straightforward discovery plan of the three accessible models including the NX-1300DE2 and NX-1300DE.The trade for the massively well known TK-D340, the NX-1300 is a mid-level two way radio that can be utilized in an assortment of workplaces because of the two its advanced styling and excellent toughness. A channel limit of 64 is above and beyond for medium to huge measured organizations, with these channels having the option to be parted over various zones to give groups of your business their own private channels.

Because of the NX-1300 having the capacity to be a simple/computerized crossover because of the discretionary move up to DMR or NEXEDGE, this takes into account it to be utilized as a momentary radio while carrying out another framework, implying that would it be advisable for you have working more established simple radios they will work close by your new radios until they should be replaced.With an IP55 insurance rating this guarantee that the NX-1300 not just has a restricted Ingres against dust interruption but at the same time is defended against planes of water from all points. Having been tried to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G close by the NX-1300’s Ingres insurance rating, this guarantees that the radio is



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