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Nintendo Switch OLED stock: where to buy in August 2022

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You can get the upgraded console regularly now

The Nintendo Switch OLED was released in October. It was extremely difficult to find stock for several months. The situation has improved significantly in 2022, and we are happy to report that there is regular availability all over the world. We’ll keep updating this page to show you where the Nintendo Switch OLED can be purchased in your area for the best price.

If you are looking for Nintendo Switch bundles then it might be a better choice to go with the original Nintendo Switch. However, there are very few discounts available on the OLED version that includes included games. There have been a few that we’ve seen recently.

Where can I buy Nintendo Switch OLED?

The new Nintendo Switch OLED costs $349.99 / PlayStation309.99 / AU$539 and is $50 / Ps40 more than the original model. You get a bigger OLED display, a kickstand, and a LAN support dock for that premium.

Although deals are rare, retailers in the US stock Nintendo Switch OLED stock regularly. It may be unavailable for a brief time but will often come back after a few days.

For the UK, there are many stores, including Amazon, Very Currys, Game, and the My Nintendo Store, that regularly have stock. We’ve seen small discounts up to PS20 thus far. Rare bundles, such as those that include Metroid Dread, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing New Horizons, can offer better savings.

If the Nintendo Switch OLED is sold out, please check back later. We regularly monitor all major retailers and update this list with any new information.

Today’s top Nintendo Switch OLED deals

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Is the stock of Nintendo Switch OLED stable?

Most of the time, yes. We’ve been checking major retailers for a while now, and at least one has the Nintendo Switch OLED. Although there have been rare instances when the console was sold out, this is very rare and usually lasts only a few days.

This is not true for the Xbox Series X restock or PlayStation5 restock . These consoles are not available for purchase at any moment. The Xbox Series X does, however, stay in stock for a longer time than usual. This could mean that we may see the Nintendo Switch OLED availability match it in the future.

What is the price of the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED costs $349.99 / PS309.99/ AU$539. This is $50 more than the MSRP for the original Nintendo Switch model. Rumored 4K docked scaling, Nvidia graphics and an enhanced CPU put estimates at $399/PS379, a substantial $100/PS100 price increase over the model before.

These additional features are not necessary. A $50 / PS50 / AU$60 price increase for OLED displays is acceptable (provided that the battery has been upgraded to last longer than the original launch model), even though we expected to see a bit more underneath the hood. The original Nintendo Switch was priced at $299 / PS279 / AU$469, and managed to beat the Xbox One and PS4’s prices.

You can find the most recent Nintendo Switch deals below if you don’t need the new console. To go with your purchase, you can also get some cheap Nintendo Switch game joy-con controllers .

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