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Nintendo Switch Lite review

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is a redesigned console in the classic Nintendo style. The House of Mario has enjoyed a steady stream of revenue from the portable hybrid. However, two years later, Nintendo decided to make it more compact and offer a smaller alternative.

The Switch Lite, which is smaller and lighter than the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s dedicated handheld device.

The Switch Lite isn’t right for you if you enjoy the versatility of the Switch on a TV or handheld.

The Switch Lite is a lightweight alternative if you aren’t using the console’s handheld mode or feel the Switch a little too cumbersome for gaming on the go. As with all new devices, there are pros and cons to consider before you make a decision.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Let’s get to the point

  • What’s it? It’s a smaller, handheld-only version for the Nintendo Switch
  • When will it be out? Available now
  • How much does it cost? $199.99/PS199.99/AU$329.95

Nintendo Switch Lite Price and Release Date

The Nintendo Switch Lite was launched two years after the original Switch model. The Nintendo Switch Lite arrived on September 20, 2019. Although it lost the ability to dock the Switch to a TV (the original model was launched in 2012), the Lite also came with a substantial price reduction.

The Nintendo Switch Lite costs $199.99 / PS199.99 / AU$329.95, whereas the regular Switch retails at PS259.99 / 259.99 / AU$435. If you are willing to accept the trade-off, the handheld-only model can save you a lot of money.

Nintendo Switch Lite: design

The main difference between the Nintendo Switch Lite & the original Nintendo Switch is the fact that the Switch Lite is a handheld device. The Switch Lite, therefore, is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. The Switch OLED is slightly smaller than the original Switch.

The Switch Lite measures 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9mm and is 275g. This compares to the original Switch’s 102 x 239mm x 13.9mm dimensions, and 297g weight. The device has a smaller LCD touch screen, measuring only 5.5 inches and still offering 1280×720 pixels.

It’s smaller than the original Switch’s 6 inches screen, but it has the same resolution, so there’s no loss in picture quality. This gives the Switch Lite 267 pixels per inch (ppi), which is a little sharper than the original Switch’s 236, ppi.

The downside is that the screen can sometimes be hard to read, especially if it’s small. To read text, we had to hold the console closer than usual. This is a minor issue but it can be quite annoying for commuters on their morning commutes.

The Switch Lite’s real strength is its greater comfort as a handheld device. It’s smaller than the original Switch, making it more portable and easy to carry around.

This writer has small hands and knows that the original Switch is uncomfortable to use in handheld mode. It’s also quite large for handheld standards. The Lite, on the other hand, is much more portable and can be held in one’s hands. It is however still quite large and does not feel as comfortable as the 3DS.

The Switch Lite also has integrated controls, rather than Joy-Cons. The Lite doesn’t come with an extra pair of Joy-Cons, although you can connect four Joy-Cons wirelessly.

The controllers are still functional, despite being repaired.

The D-Pad replacement feels natural and more suitable for handheld play.

The ZL- and ZR triggers are the right size to ensure a snug fit. The L and R buttons on the Switch are slightly smaller than the original Switch. We sometimes felt our fingers slip off the buttons, so it is possible that they are a little too thin.

Both models allow wireless connectivity, Bluetooth (though they are not compatible with wireless headphones), and MicroSD cards to increase 32GB of internal storage. You don’t lose out on any features other than docked mode, which means you can’t play on the TV.

The Switch Lite is a handheld device and does not come with a dock, HDMI cable, or kickstand. The box contains the device and the charger. The Switch Lite is not designed to be connected to a TV. We tested it with our own HDMI cable, but the device doesn’t support this feature.

The Switch Lite is also available in yellow, gray, and turquoise models – shaking up our obsession with neon and gray Switch models for the past two decades.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is almost identical to the Switch’s performance, but the Lite has a slightly longer life battery of 3-7 hours. This is about 30 minutes more than the original Switch and 1-2 hours less the upgraded Switch model (although Nintendo cautions that this will depend on what games you play)

It is worth noting, however, that the Switch Lite doesn’t come with HD Rumble nor an IR Motion Camera. This device is only capable of playing handheld games. It will, therefore, only support Nintendo Switch games .

cannotplay games that don’t support handheld mode. However, you will need to wirelessly connect Joy-Cons to this work (and purchase them and their charging grip separately). HD Rumble can be used by connecting Joy-Cons, according to our findings.

A Nintendo representative stated that the console would be compatible with other devices than the Joy-Cons at a preview event. However, the specific details of the future will not be known until later.

These games are not suitable for the Switch Lite: Super Mario Party and Nintendo Labo accessories kits. Although Rumble games can be played with Joy-Cons attached to the Lite, it is not practical to have more than one person playing on the small screen. We also don’t recommend trying to play party games on the Lite.

The Switch Lite has both an accelerometer and gyroscope. This means you can still use gyro control in games such as Breath of The Wild, tilting the console to aim for the bow. Also, the brightness adjusts according to your surroundings.

You can still play wirelessly online with your friends, but not necessarily with couch co-op. We were able to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online without any problems. The compact design of the device made all games feel less bulky.

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