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A short form to mean a Network interface card The network interface card is also known in the context of an Ethernet card or networking adapter. The NIC can be described as a PC expander that connects to an internet network (e.g. your home network or Internet) with the Ethernet cable using the RJ45 connector.

Because of the widespread and cost-effectiveness in this Ethernet standard, the majority of new computers come with an Ethernet network interface built directly inside the motherboard. The image above shows that the SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI network card, which is one of the more popular examples.

The picture below shows the bottom picture of a PC Card. In particular, it is this is an SMC the EZ Card 10-100 wireless networking card can be found in older laptops that don’t have onboard wireless capability.

How can a computer that has the Network card get connected to the network?

Network cards are able to communicate with one another over an identical network through the network switch or if two computers are connected directly. When computers have to connect to another network (e.g. for example, for example, the Internet) and they require an router to direct traffic from the internet data to the right network.

The location where a network card is found on the computer?

Network Interface Card - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

In a desktop PC the network card will usually be situated in close proximity to it’s USB ports on the back , especially if the card is an onboard version. If there’s a separate expansion slot (not inboard) typically, it’s in the back of the machine, at the bottom, and takes up an PCI slot.

In laptops your network card will be connected to the motherboard. The network port is typically situated on the left side of the laptop, but it could be located in the back. If you are unable to find a network port in the laptop you are using, then it could only have a wireless connection. You can buy an laptop network card that are installed in the computer card slot that is located on the side or back of laptops, in the event that it is available.

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