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New Overwatch 2 character won’t get a public test

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Overwatch 2 will not be available for public playtests by Blizzard, so fans will have to wait until October’s release to see its final Hero.

Two Overwatch2 beta testing sessions were held earlier in the year. These tests allowed players to test Overwatch2‘s new push game mode and 5v5 overhaul. Overwatch vice president Jon Spector announced that the beta schedule will be ending in a few months.

“Today marks only two months until Overwatch 2’s launch,” Spector stated in a Tweet. We know that players are keen to get in on the action and have received questions about the possibility for a third public beta. We will continue to test OW2 internally every day, but we don’t plan on adding any public beta testing.

“With all the feedback from our beta and two public beta testing, we will focus our efforts on launching the most amazing game on October 4.

An expanding cast of vibrant characters

Some Overwatchers speculated that a third beta was in the works, and expected Blizzard would use this opportunity to announce the final Hero. Sojourn was introduced before the first public playtest. Junker queen made her debut just before the second. We have yet to see the third addition to Overwatch 2’s roster.

There have been a few teases. An Overwatch 2 trailer (opens a new tab) showed a ghostly-blue fox leaping across a map. Blizzard suggested that the character was somehow related to a fox in the last moments of the second beta. Blizzard also confirmed that they will be available for play starting day 1. It is unknown what their names are or what abilities they have.

As the launch is nearing, Blizzard will likely reveal the new hero in the coming weeks. However, only dedicated players will be able to play with the character once the full game is out.

This is not the only mystery character that’s coming down the line. Every nine weeks, Overwatch 2’s new Battle Pass system will release new seasons of content. Every update will bring new cosmetics and playable content including maps and heroes. We know that the three first seasons, which will continue until February next year, will introduce a new Hero.

Players might be more concerned about Overwatch 2’s monetization system. The game intends to abandon look boxes and instead create a rotating cosmetics shop. However, recent pricing proposals have scared fans . Overwatch 2’s secrets will soon be revealed.

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