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Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee maker review

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We’ve never seen a more simple coffee maker.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next makes consistently smooth espressos and Americanos. It’s so easy to use that we wish Nespresso would include a milk frother in the machine so you can make lattes right at your fingertips.


  • It is so easy to use

  • Excellent crema

    Almost no mess


  • Pods can be expensive

  • A separate milk frother is required

  • It could be simpler to recycle the pods

Review in one minute

The Nespresso Vertuo Next machine is stylish and produces a smooth, creamy cup of coffee every time. VertuoNext is worthy of a place in the top coffee makers. All you have to do is insert a pod and hit a button.

The machine can be used in five sizes. Vertuo Next is limited in that it can only make espressos and Americanos. You will need a separate milk frother if you want lattes or cappuccinos.

Although the Vertuo Next is quick to heat up and consistently produces barista-style coffees, you will need to purchase official Vertuo pods. Recycling pods is more difficult than simply placing them in your home recycling. The Vertuo Next is the best choice for coffee-making convenience.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Price and Availability

  • List price $159 / PS149 / AU$249

The Nespresso Vertuo Next can be found in many places. It is part of Nespresso’s Vertuo series, which uses different pods than its Original line. Although it’s not the most costly coffee machine, you will need to consider the cost of separate milk frothers if you are interested. The Nespresso machine sales can usually be found during holidays such as Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.


  • Makes five different-sized drinks
  • One-touch operation
  • Compact

With its slim and elegant design, raised logo at the front and curving lines, the Nespresso Vertuo Next appears expensive. It doesn’t take up much space due to the location of the water reservoir at the back. However, it looks great on your countertop and comes in a variety of colors to match your decor.

The packaging was 100% recyclable when our review machine arrived. This is a refreshing departure from the plastic bags and foam that many appliances come packaged in. This Nespresso machine is 54% recycled plastic and all its pods can be recycled by the brand.

The Vertuo Next measures 5.9 x 16.9x 12.4 inches/ 14.2×42.9x 31.4cm. It is slim and compact, although it is a bit longer than expected. The Nespresso vertuo Next can be stored anywhere you have an electrical socket. It’s also easy to store, since the water reservoir is removable and it doesn’t need to be kept close to the sink.

The coffee maker can read the barcode of each coffee pod that you place in it to ensure it brews the right coffee. This means you must use patented Nespresso capsules to brew the coffee in the VertuoNext. Generic pods are not compatible. Once you have placed the capsule in the VertuoNext, the machine uses what Nespresso refers to as ‘centrifusion force’ (to spin the capsule at high speeds) to produce smooth and creamy coffee.

The Vertuo machines by Nespresso, such as the Nespresso Vertuo+, offer more options in terms of cup sizes than its Original line. You can choose from five different sizes that range from a single espresso to a full 41ml. This machine has a cup stand that can be adjusted to accommodate cups and mugs with different heights.

It’s easy to make a cup of coffee: simply choose a capsule and place it in the machine. Then press the button on the top. The capsule is then read by the Nespresso machine, which then brews your coffee.


  • It is simple to use
  • It’s almost mess-free
  • Additional equipment is required for the freezing of milk

It takes only minutes to unbox and set up the Nespresso Vertuo Next. This machine was tested for several weeks with a variety capsules so that we could get an idea of how it works and what kind of drinks it can make.

If you are new to Nespresso, first of all, be aware that the Vertuo Nespresso machines do not froth milk. This means that if you wish to make lattes or cappuccinos, a separate milk frother will be required. Nespresso sells one for $98 / PS50 / AU$99. However, cheaper models can also be found.

We made our first espresso using the Vertuo Next capsule. It was simple to lift the lid and place a capsule in the machine. Once the lid was closed, we could click the button to lock the machine. The Vertuo Next has only one button, making it easy to start the brewing process. The machine made a thick, golden brown crema. To test the consistency of the crema, we added sugar to the espresso. The drink was stirred and it formed almost immediately.

The Nespresso machine is capable of making five different sizes of coffee, so we decided to taste each one. Next, we used a Melozio espresso pod. It is medium-strength. It makes 7.75 fl. oz/320ml of coffee. From the moment we pressed the button, the brewing process took about 100 seconds. The coffee was ready when we were done.

It was quiet when it was running, with a decibel level of 68 decibels. This is about the same as ambient office noise. As with the espresso test, this coffee produced a great crema. We added sugar to the coffee and stirred in milk.

We think coffee tastes a lot like perfume. What’s good for one person may be bad for another. We tested the Nespresso Vertuo Next to see how smooth it tasted and whether it was burnt. We found that every coffee we made was consistently and smooth. However, some capsules did taste a little bitter.

The Vertuo Next features a removable drip tray, which is easy to clean. The used pods are collected in the capsule holder. It slides out of your machine easily. The pods can sometimes have coffee dregs inside, so it was a little messy to empty the capsules into the recycle bag.

Coffee pods may not be the most environmentally friendly on the market. However, Nespresso insists that its aluminum pod design is the best for keeping coffee fresh. A Nespresso machine comes with a recycling bag. Once the bag is full, you can take your pods to your local Nespresso Boutique or take them to a collection point. You can also ask the driver to pick up your bag when they deliver your next order.

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