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Most Popular Android Apps You Should NOT Install

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Many of the Android apps that we recommend aren’t well-known in the community. They’re all great apps, and we wouldn’t recommend any bad ones. However, you can often put them in the “niche” category.

Let’s do something different. Let’s look at the most downloaded Android apps from the Google Play Store. These are the apps that Android’s 2.8 million active users most often download.

Take a Note about Stock Android Apps

Apps that are pre-loaded on stock Android phones won’t be included. This means we exclude Google Play Services (10,000,000 “downloads”), Gmail (9 Billion), Google Maps (6.9 Billion), YouTube (10 Billion) and a few others.

These numbers were determined using AndroidRank data. The numbers in parentheses indicate the change in placement since March 2020, the last time we updated this list.

1. Facebook (+1)

7.073 billion downloads

It is not surprising that Facebook is the most downloaded app in the world. Despite numerous scandals and questionable privacy practices, Facebook still reigns supreme.

This app has 76,000,000 one-star ratings. It’s possible that it’s justified. The app is full of useless features that very few people use.

2. WhatsApp (-1)

6.983 billion downloads

With 2.9 billion downloaded, WhatsApp ranked third in July 2018. It was number one a year ago, but it is now second.

WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging platform in the world, has been owned by Facebook since its $19 billion acquisition in early 2014. You can also use one of the many WhatsApp alternatives if you don’t want to use a Facebook-owned messaging app.

3. Facebook Messenger (=)

5.327 billion downloads

Messenger’s presence in the third spot reinforces Facebook’s control over the smartphone market.

Messenger has seen a rise in popularity over recent years. With the availability of bots, the service is now more accessible than ever. Since July 2018, when this list was first published, it is now down one spot.

4. Instagram (=

3.504 billion downloads

Instagram is another Facebook app that the company has acquired.

The app has fewer negative reviews that its brother. Only 28 million users (out of 121 millions) gave it a star.

5. TikTok (New).

2.631 billion downloads

TikTok’s continued growth is not slowing down. As the COVID crisis forced many to remain at home, TikTok’s app that allows users to create and share short videos became extremely popular in the first half 2020.

It reached one billion downloads on July 2019, and more than doubled its growth in the two years that followed.

6. Subway Surfers (-1)

1.438 billion downloads

We find our first game at number six–and it isn’t Candy Crush Saga! Subway Surfers allows you to run down railroad tracks in order to escape from a policeman and his dog.

7. Facebook Lite (-1)

1.933 billion downloads

We’re back at Facebook. The Lite version is for users who have low-end devices with 1GB or 2GB RAM and only 2G data access. While there are some subtle changes in usability, all of the main features work as expected.

8. Microsoft Word (+2)

1.895 billion downloads

It’s not surprising that Word has enjoyed similar success on Android, given its popularity.

Keep an eye on the Microsoft Office apps. They will almost certainly shoot up when we next update this listing.

9. Microsoft PowerPoint (=

1.655 billion downloads

Microsoft PowerPoint is the second consecutive Microsoft Office app on the list. It’s likely that you have used it to create slideshows or presentations.

10. Snapchat (+1)

1.350 billion downloads

Snapchat is now at the top of the 10 most popular apps.

Instagram may be taking Snapchat’s best features but it still manages more than 280,000,000 daily users, an increase of 240 million from 12 months ago.

As a percentage of total Android and iOS downloads, this figure is still low. Is it possible to worry about the app’s future or can the slight increase in rank be a sign that the app might be revived?

11. SHAREit (-4)

1.541 billion downloads

It’s not just about games and social networks with popular Android apps. SHAREit, a non-Google productivity app, is the first to be included on the list.

This app allows large files to be transferred between devices in a matter of seconds . It’s 200 times faster than Bluetooth, according to the developer.

12. Netflix (New).

1.513 billion downloads

Netflix now boasts almost 210 million subscribers. Again, COVID was a major factor in the service’s growth throughout 2020. Its combination of old favorites and original content has proven to be a winning formula. The growth rate is not expected to slow down as we move into 2021.

It is the only video on-demand streaming app that has made it to the top 20.

13. Twitter (+2)

1.301 billion downloads

It is not surprising that several social media apps are among the top 10 most downloaded Play Store app.

Twitter is the fourth most popular social media app. It was third after Instagram and Facebook in 2018, but Snapchat has now surpassed it.

14. Flipboard (+6)

1.301 billion downloads

Flipboard is an interesting app. Although it doesn’t get as many headlines than its competitors, Flipboard is hugely popular, as evidenced by the 1.3 million downloads.

The app collects news, conversations and compelling stories on any topic. It is a one-stop shop for all things related to your interests.

15. Candy Crush Saga (=)

1.142 billion downloads

It’s not surprising that Candy Crush Saga is second in raw downloads.

However, Android users are still a billion strong and love to make candy shapes out of different colors. Perhaps it is time for a new hobby.

16. Skype (-3)

1.124 billion downloads

Skype is a fallen giant. Skype has been removed from the Windows operating system since the release of Windows 11. This is the first time that Skype has been removed from the operating system in over a decade. It appears that Microsoft Teams will now be the company’s main focus.

It is expected to fall out of the top 20 by 2022.

17. Spotify (New).

1.081 billion downloads

It is perhaps not surprising that Spotify has been unable to reach the top 20 by 2021.

Another company has benefited greatly from the COVID pandemic. In the past 12 months, paid users jumped from 130 million to 160 millions. The number of paid users has increased by more than twofold since early 2017.

It is used by 360 million people worldwide.

18. Dropbox (-1)

1.025 billion downloads

Dropbox is one of most well-known cloud storage providers. Dropbox allows you to store your documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere. You can also share them with other users.

19. Viber (-1)

909 million downloads

Viber allows you to communicate instantly with your friends and family via video calls, instant messaging, group chats for up to 250 people, as well as encrypted communications. It is one of the most widely used WhatsApp alternatives in Europe, North America and Asia. Asian users still prefer LINE.

It’s the first app to reach the one-billion download mark.

20. LINE (-1)

874 million downloads

LINE is fourth most popular instant messaging app for Android, after Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Its popularity is largely driven by Asia. It is one of the most popular communications apps in Japan (Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia). However, the app fails to reach the top 30 in North American and European countries.

What are the Most Popular Android Apps?

What have we learned about the 20 most downloaded Android apps in July 2021? These are our conclusions:

  • Facebook claims of its demise are always premature.
  • Entertainment subscription services were big winners. We expect this trend to continue.
  • Finally, we lost Cheetah Mobile Clean Master. In July 2018, the app was ranked eighth. We recommend that you uninstall it immediately if it is still being used.

Now you are familiar with the top Android apps. Are they all on your smartphone?

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