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Microsoft Teams is about to pinch one of Slack’s best features

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Microsoft has released an update to collaboration platform teams that it claims will better support the transition tohybrid.

Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to record, review, send, and view lightweight video messages in chats and channels.

The feature is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. It will allow teams to communicate in a new way that doesn’t require them to fill their calendars full of meetings.

Microsoft Teams is now hybrid

The competition among the biggest players in collaboration and video conferencing has been fierce since the outbreak of the pandemic.

To keep up with the competition, rivals often steal features and concepts from each other. Take, for instance, the battle for the largest gallery view or the introduction virtual backgrounds.

Microsoft may have taken some inspiration from Slack Clips which was introduced last year to promote asynchronous work.

Both implementations are almost identical. Once the feature is available, both Slack and Teams users will be able to record, review and send video messages across chats and groups channels.

Microsoft is no surprise to choose this route, considering the company’s recent vocalizations about the need for flexible and hybrid workers using new toolsets.

It is possible to quickly record and send video messages. Meetings can become awkward and slow when people are calling in from home and others are meeting at the venue. This will also allow for time shifting for those trying to work around other commitments.

Microsoft Teams’ new feature is still in development but should be available to all users by September end.

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