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Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock Spotted

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Buyers are still having trouble finding the right price for the console after more than a year. A new Xbox Series X restock has been found on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

A Twitter account Xbox Series X restock monitor, and Xbox Series X stock Alerts were notified of a new restock spotted at the Microsoft Store. Because the consoles come directly from Microsoft, the advantage of buying through the Microsoft Store is that they are always sold at retail prices.

The official Microsoft Store ensures that buyers do not pay more than they should when purchasing the console online. The reason is that the console cannot be sold by third-party sellers on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store allows customers to create their own bundles with products and services that they want.

Online Xbox Series X Bundle

If buyers don’t purchase the console directly from either the official Xbox Series X account of the retailer or from the Walmart Xbox Series X restock account, it is likely that they will buy the console from a third party, which can often charge more.

The Xbox Series X restock is available on the Microsoft Store. It comes with a bundle starting from $573.97 and the option to create your own bundle. The Xbox Game Pass allows players to play new games, varying based on the month. Most recent restocks of the console have come with the company’s Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Store Ships Only to Select Countries

However, the Microsoft Store states that they can only ship to a select number of countries. It is essential to verify that the Xbox Series X can be shipped to your area before purchasing it from the Microsoft Store.

You can contact the customer service team via chat or email. This will reduce the chance that buyers will purchase the console at that time, but it also eliminates the stress of placing an online order and then finding out that they don’t deliver to their area.

Microsoft Store allows for customizable bundles

After buyers confirm that Microsoft Store ships in their area, they will be able to place orders for the next console at SRP.

Some bundles sold online may not include the items the buyer is looking for. The Microsoft Store allows buyers to personalize their bundles so that they are exactly what they want.

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