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Microsoft plans a “Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation”, for Windows 10.

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Microsoft has not released major updates to Windows 10 in the years since its launch. However, Windows 10 is old. Microsoft intends to give Windows 10 an “overall visual refreshment”.

Microsoft’s Plans for Windows 10’s Visuals

Microsoft has yet to make an official statement on its plans for Windows 10’s overhaul, but we have seen some indications. The Verge found another job posting that confirms Microsoft’s plans for a complete overhaul of its operating system.

The job advertisement required a senior software engineer who could perform the following:

Because of its unusual use of words, the job advertisement caused ripples among Windows 10 users. The company deleted the above paragraph from its Careers page.

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 Redo.

We have heard of a complete overhaul for Windows 10 before. This plan was first mentioned by a rumor involving “Sun Valley”, the codename for Windows 10’s rehaul.

There was only speculation and hearsay back then, so it wasn’t possible to know if Microsoft had any plans. Microsoft now advertises the spot publicly, which indicates that it wants Windows 10 to be up-to-date with its rivals.

Windows 10 fans would be delighted to see this change. Windows 10 hasn’t been at the forefront of Microsoft’s mind for some time. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has increased its use of remote working tools. This has been a great success for the company.

Microsoft seems very interested in updating its outdated operating system. We are still not able to reveal the details of the redesign but we will shortly be.

Windows 10 Coming Soon!

We don’t know what Microsoft has in store for Windows 10, but we do know that it is being worked on. Some interesting tidbits in the job posting have helped us to confirm that something is in development.

Don’t wait! If you don’t have time or desire to upgrade to Windows 10, you can do it yourself. Many dark themes for Windows 10 are available. They look great and won’t strain your eyes.

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