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Microsoft 365 could be fixed of one of its most annoying flaws

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Microsoft 365 might have finally sorted out one of the most frustrating aspects of using its web applications.

Previously, users who wanted to work with different Microsoft 365 accounts (either work-related or personal) had to sign in and then sign out again when they wanted to switch.

A new update appears to fix this issue. It adds account switching for Microsoft 365 Web Apps, which will save you a lot of time and lower blood pressure among the global user base.

Microsoft 365 account switch

The company noted in its official entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap that the update will make it easier to work across accounts moving forward.

Microsoft 365 web apps will allow users to sign in to multiple accounts, both personal and work, in one browser. Microsoft says they can “seamlessly swap” between accounts without having to sign in and out again.

The feature is still in development but will be released by Microsoft in April 2022. This means that users could have it within a matter of weeks. Microsoft claims that account switching will become generally available for all Microsoft 365 users around the globe once it is released.

Microsoft 365 has been working hard to attract new customers over the last months, as companies around the globe look to adapt their technology stacks as they return to work.

The company aims to lure customers from Google Workspace and other Microsoft Office alternatives. They promise cheaper deals and greater flexibility, particularly since some users are upset at Google’s decision to discontinue a free tier for its software.

It also took several steps to improve the security of Microsoft 365. It added a new layer to email security so that all emails sent through Exchange Online are delivered only through connections with both encryption and authentication.

In an effort to extend its anti-spoofing protection, the company allowed Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to customize a brand new authentication mechanism.

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