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Mesh topology

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The mesh topology refers to a configuration where every system and device on the network is linked with each other. This configuration allows the majority of transmitting to occur, even when one connection fails. This is a common topology used in wireless networking. Below is an illustration of a computer set-up in a network that utilizes the mesh topology.

Mesh topology of various types

An example mesh topology. | Download Scientific Diagram

There are two types of this topology: a full mesh and a partially-connected.

If you have an complete mesh topology each computer within the network is connected to all the computers within that network. Connections within the network can be determined by using the equation ( n is the number of computers within the system): n(n-1)/2

In the case of a partially connected mesh topology that is, at minimum two computers within the network are connected to multiple computers within the network. It’s a cost-effective method of implementing redundancy within the network. In the event that one of the main computers or connections to the network is damaged however, the remainder of the network will continue to function in a normal manner.

The advantages of mesh topology

  • Controls large amounts of data, as multiple devices can send data at the same time.
  • Failure of one device doesn’t result in a disruption to the network or in the transmission of data.
  • The addition of devices won’t affect data transmission between devices.

The disadvantages of mesh topology

  • The price for implementation is more expensive than other topologies of networks which makes it less appealing.
  • Maintaining and building the topology can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • The likelihood for redundant connectivity is extremely high and this adds to the expense and risk of decreased efficiency.
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