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Memory slots, also known as memory sockets or RAM slot memory slotmemory socket also known as a memory slot can allow memory (computer memory) to be added to the computer. The majority of motherboards come with up to 4 slot memory which define the RAM type utilized by the computer. The most popular RAM kinds comprise the SDRAM or DDR for desktop computers as well as SODIMM for laptop computers, which come in various speeds and types. The image below illustrates the way memory slots appear to be in the desktop computer. In the image below there are three slots slot machines that are open and ready for three memory sticks.

When purchasing a new motherboard or computer be sure to pay attention to the kinds of RAM that memory slots are able to accept. It is important to be aware of what type of RAM you should purchase for your personal computer. It is also essential to determine how many memory slots are in your computer. It is common to find computers with all slots in memory. When all slot are filled and you wish to increase the memory of your computer it is necessary to eliminate part or all memory.

Why do memory slots have different hues?

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If an motherboard is equipped with different colored memory slots, it means it is dual-channel and the memory slots must be put in the same channel (color). For instance, a motherboard might include two black and two yellow memory slots. The memory slots with yellow can be used to indicate Channel A and Channel B might be indicated by black slots. If you only wanted to install two memory sticks it is recommended to place both within channel A (yellow slot) to ensure optimal performance.

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