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Mega cloud storage review

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Mega (opens new tab). Cloud Storage (opens new tab) is configured slightly differently by Kim Dotcom, an eccentric tech entrepreneur. Its main draw is the wide range of security features that come with all Mega plans (including the one-off).

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Mega includes end-to-end encryption, and publishing its source code to GitHub so that anyone can review it for security problems. Mega is intuitive and simple to use. It has cross-platform tools that are available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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  • Mega Mega at Amazon for US$0.99
  1. IDrive is the best cloud storage service provider

IDrive, the cloud storage leader, offers tons of storage online at a very affordable price. 10TB starting at $3.48 is a remarkable deal. The support for unlimited devices, and extensive file versioning are also available.

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Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can make it very expensive. The cost of $350 per year is lower than the competition. $3 per month.

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  1. pCloud offers a lifetime cloud storage subscription

Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can be extremely expensive. $3/month is lower than $350 for 10 year.

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Mega features

Mega is a great combination of features and simplicity. It runs on almost every device. It can be set up to watch certain folders on your computer and upload files via the web interface. You can upload any size file, provided you don’t exceed your overall quota. The service supports versioning, which allows for the retrieval and modification of older documents.

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File and folder sharing are built into the Mega service. You have the option to include the encryption key along with the link, which is very convenient. Or, you can transmit the encryption key separately through a different channel. This feature will impress security-conscious users but not the general public. Links can be password protected with expiration dates. This adds an extra layer of security.

Mega’s security features are what make it stand out. They support end-to-end encryption (see below) and place a strong emphasis on privacy. Mega also includes a secure Chat client, which is especially useful in small businesses for secure communication between employees.


Mega does not include the free online workplace suite (opens new tab), but it is a great cloud storage solution that puts the emphasis on data protection. It’s easy to upload and sync files. The majority of file sharing options that you will need are already included. Your files can be accessed from almost anywhere.

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Mega interface

Mega’s web interface is simple and intuitive. It is easy to find and upload files, as well as information about your account. You can view, listen to and download media files, documents, and other information from your browser. It is one of the most user-friendly cloud storage options we have seen.

MegaSync is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The desktop client is just like the online interface. It allows you to view any folders you have created and sync files in a similar way to Dropbox. You can control the sync of your entire Mega cloud locker to any folder or file you choose.

Mega also offers a number of extensions, such as an extension to the Thunderbird email client to a command-line interface. This cloud storage service was built by passionate technology enthusiasts. MegaChat, an integrated encrypted chat platform, allows users to communicate securely with each other when needed.

We are able to upload and download very fast if we have broadband internet. The desktop also has some nice extra features such as the ability to limit bandwidth usage and the ability to exclude files from the syncing process by their names.

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Mega security

Mega’s approach to security is a key reason it attracts customers. Mega and anyone else issuing warrants to Mega cannot access your data. The platform is completely encrypted from the beginning. This means that you cannot retrieve your data if your password is forgotten. You will need to confirm that you are aware of this fact before you create an account.

This is false. There is a recovery key within your account. However, you will need to write it down somewhere else in order to make sure that you have a safety net. You can also secure access to your account by enabling two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) — which is something we like from a security perspective. Mega is very serious about security and privacy.

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Mega pricing

Mega allows users to sign up for a free Tier without having to enter any credit card details. This plan gives users 15GB of storage and a limited file transfer limit. It is apparently dynamically adjusted based on Mega’s spare capacity. You can earn extra space, up to 50GB, by performing various tasks such as inviting friends and installing the mobile apps. However, this space expires eventually.

For 400GB of storage and 1TB file transfer limits, the paid tier pricing is EUR4.99 (roughly 6.07 or PS4.29) per month. The highest tier costs EUR29.99 per month (roughly $36 or PS26) for 16TB storage and a 16TB file limit. You can get additional discounts if you buy a whole year. Business accounts with additional user management features start at EUR10 (around 12 or PS9) per user per month.

Final verdict

Mega is a popular choice for users who place privacy and security first. It’s clear that the different apps and features are easy to use. Mega is available to both beginners and more experienced users of cloud storage.

Enterprise users will also find Mega appealing, thanks to its additional user management features, secure chat and easy filesharing (opens new tab) with people not on Mega. Mega’s interface is clean and easy to use, with many useful features. Although Mega doesn’t have as many cloud services as others, it is still affordable and has impressive security features.


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