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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales review

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It’s always exciting to see a new console launch, and it’s rightly so. But it’s rare that a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man is there to celebrate the occasion.

Launch line-ups are often lacking big hitters and have a tendency to bring gamers’ high expectations back to earth. The PS5 is a cross-gen title, but Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales manages to enhance the experience significantly thanks to its two display modes, extremely fast load times, and clear 4K visuals.

It’s a gorgeous looking game and a fitting sequel for 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. But it’s more like a generous expansion rather than a full-blown successor. Think Uncharted to get the idea. It’s a shorter experience, but no less enjoyable. If you have the right display, expect jaw-dropping set pieces and Hollywood-rivalling voice acting.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales price, release date

  • What’s it? A sequel of Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • When is the release date? Release date? November 12, 2020 (available now)
  • Where can I play it? PS5 or PS4
  • Price? Price?

Heroics at Harlem

  • Miles exudes charisma
  • Snowy New York is a winter wonderland
  • Traversal remains exceptional

Miles Morales, a young man from New York City, is the star of the show. The 17-year-old New Yorker is immediately likeable and refreshingly…just nice. He is a good-hearted, caring person who loves his family and friends. Miles’ positive personality shines in a world with too many voices competing for attention, and real acts of kindness and compassion are rare. Miles’s personality is not awash in bravado and a sense of naive confidence.


This makes Miles’ character more relatable as he learns how to manage his dual lives. Even with a mentor like Peter Parker, it is not easy to act as a normal teenager while saving New York City as Spider-Man. Miles must also adapt to a new environment, after he moved to Harlem to be with his mother. The story is engaging and has exceptional presentation qualities, from the first moment to the last.

After Peter goes on a well-deserved vacation Peter has given Miles the task of protecting New York City from the snow. The events that occur while Pete is away will ultimately shape Miles into the hero New York needs. Miles will uncover some hidden secrets that will make him face difficult and life-changing decisions.

As you join Peter to stop a rampaging Rhino who is destroying everything in his path, the game opens in dramatic fashion. This is the perfect introduction to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a great teaser for what lies ahead during the game’s compelling story.

It’s a stunning moment to see Rhino guiding Rhino through a crowded mall, while sitting on top of his massive shoulders. The seamless transition between quick-time events, cinematics, and gameplay is done with ease. It is easy to forget how closely video games can mimic Hollywood’s best, and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales just further reinforces that fact.

Get out swinging

  • Textures look so real
  • The SSD can change
  • Ray Tracing implementation is stunning

Booting Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales takes only seconds thanks to the PS5’s super-fast SSD. This allows you to jump in the game at breakneck speeds.

It’s a thrilling thrill to take control of Miles Morales and make his first swing through the city, just like Marvel’s Spider-Man. You can see the difference that the PS5 makes with its impressive draw distances, densely populated streets, and ray-traced reflections.

You can actually feel the benefits of Sony’s new hardware from the moment you launch the game. The PS5’s super-fast SSD makes it easy to boot Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales in a matter of seconds. This allows you to get into the game at a breakneck pace. The main menu can be bypassed entirely so you can jump into specific challenges directly from the PS5’s screen. These are called Activity cards.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales requires the PlayStation 5 to play (remember, there is a PS4 version), but this game is stunning regardless of any extra graphics. The PS5 version has the most significant benefit of all: ray tracing. This brings real lighting and reflections to your game instead of the smoke and mirrors we are used to. Miles’ reflection will be visible in an office block when you pass it, which, while it may sound small, has a huge impact.

Also, textures and work in material are worthy of praise. The glistening sheen on Miles’s Spider suit and the wooly bits visible on his jumpers are all very convincing. It adds an extra level to the character’s authenticity. Although character models can be a little inconsistent, it is clear that Spider-Man Miles Morales is an extremely-charged PS4 gaming 

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