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Logitech C920 Webcam review

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The original Jack-Of-All-Trades

TechRadar Verdict

Despite being older than many of its competitors, the Logitech C920 remains the best webcam available. The C920 is a webcam that offers both affordability and performance.



  • +
    Excellent quality for a reasonable price

  • +
    Reliable, sturdy construction

  • +
    Autofocus is amazing


  • Framerate cap at 30fps

  • Variable FOV is not available

  • White balance is a little’meh.

Review in two minutes

You’ve probably come across the Logitech Webcam C920 if you’ve been searching online for webcams in recent years. Although it isn’t the best webcam available today, this could be a bit misleading. The Logitech C920 is still the best Logitech Webcam. It’s also the most popular choice among all brands, despite it being released nearly 10 years ago.

The C920 is able to strike a balance between affordability and performance that many other brands fail to achieve. The C920 was originally released in 2012 for $99 (around PS70 or AU$130). However, prices have fluctuated over the years. One point saw prices drop to $50 just before the Covid-19 pandemic closed office and drove webcam demand through the roof.

The recommended price has been dropped to $79.99 / PlayStation89.99 / AU$145. However, due to the product’s age, you can still get one for much less.

Although the C920 is still a costly investment, the comparison of it with other webcams on the market shows that it’s worth the cost. The Logitech BrIO will give you 4K footage for $199 / PS209 / AU$350. This is a significant increase in video quality, but it will cost twice as much at $199 / AU$350. Many will consider this a waste of money, since most conferencing software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams restrict video output to 1080p/30fps.

You can also find dedicated streaming webcams with visual optimizations and 60 frames per second for smoother video, such as the Razer Kiyo Pro or Logitech streamCam. However, these benefits are not necessary for those who don’t want to use platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

The same goes for cheaper products that promise 1080p quality. However, Amazon’s quality is poor and webcams are not as reliable as the C92

This is a great all-rounder and it won’t break the bank. It is easy to use, offers a wide range of mounting options, and continues to work reliably over time. Our review unit is now four years old and still works just as well.


Specifications for Webcams

These are the specifications of the Logitech C920.

Type of connection: USB – A

Image Resolution:up To 15 Megapixels

Video Resolution1080p @ 30 fps/ 720p @ 30 fps

Stereo: Microphone

Still Image Resolution: 1920×1080

Image Quality Setting Customization:

Diagonal Field Of View (FOV: 78deg

Focus Type: Automobile

Mounting Options: L-shape joint

Cable Length 1.5 Meters built-in

Although the design won’t be eye-catching, it is easily recognisable. The camera lens is centrally located on the “bar”, with LED lights that change color when the camera’s in use, and microphones either side.

Although the C920 does not have a built in lens cover, you can find one online (unofficially since they aren’t sold by Logitech).

You can fit the claw-style grip onto most laptop screens or PC monitors. However, if your display is too clear you can attach the mounting clip to traditional tripods. The box does not include a tripod, but it is possible to use an existing tripod to create unique angles for broadcasting in messy rooms.

The 1.5m USB-A cable, which is used in Logitech Brio products, is not detachable USB C style. However, this is a common practice for non-streaming webcams.

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