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Key Trends for B2B Lead Generation in 2022

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Forewarned is Forearmed: Key Trends for B2B Lead Generation in 2022

The changes in the modern business landscape are overwhelming. Digitalization and the global pandemic are the fundamental factors triggering the new approaches, methods, practices, and the whole way of doing business. 

The breakthrough digital technologies, together with the altering behavioral patterns, spur the advent of multiple lead generation strategies. B2B customers today use mobile devices broadly, are adept in advanced software solutions, and seek quick and convenient buying experiences at the time and place of their convenience. The new B2B lead generation trends appear to answer the altering demands. The experts from Belkins.io, a B2B lead generation company, selected the most significant trends to consider for 2022.

What Determines the Lead Generation Trends in 2022?

Customer experience becomes the cornerstone of business and marketing activities undertaken for B2B lead generation. Look at the following numbers to recognize the significance of providing a transcendent CX.

  • The customer experience (CX) is the leading competitive factor for 89% of businesses;
  • 73% of consumers base their purchase decisions primarily on CX;
  • A company can drive its revenue by about 15% by enhancing its CX;
  • Today, 85% of customer interactions are AI-powered;
  • Delivering a transcendent customer experience can save about 33% of customer service expenses.

The following trends are focused on facilitating the customer’s path towards making a buying decision.

Customer Data Platforms

Digital technologies empower companies to exercise a data-driven approach to improve the understanding of their user audience and enhance clients’ experience. Customer data platforms are digital solutions that combine data from numerous tools to create a unified consumer database containing information on all touch points and interactions with your brand.

In a nutshell, CDPs capture the traces your prospective clients leave when attending various platforms on the web, thereby allowing you to extract precious insights.

Ultimately, you become empowered to conduct deeper lead research and promote your B2B lead generation

Account-based Marketing

ABM confidently gains traction in B2B lead generation strategies. Account-based marketing implies the cooperation of marketing and sales teams aimed to provide personalized purchasing experiences for a range of high-value accounts.

Organizations prefer the ABM approach as opposed to individual targeting since, in B2B, decision-makers are typically introduced by several persons or even a team. ABM makes your targeting smarter and thus more efficient. 


Noteworthy, the largest part of organizations (46%) assert that although they understand their ideal client’s profile, they still see the opportunities to improve coverage. At the same time, a considerable 35% haven’t defined their perfect consumer profile yet. 

Therefore, the power of advanced software tools aiming to streamline customer research should never be underestimated. After all, excellent client experience starts with an exhaustive understanding of your customers. Such solutions as Flowstate marketing by an outstanding lead generation service take your interactions with prospects to a new level. The tool upgrades your website, reinforces brand awareness, and elevates user experience.

Ultimately, account targeting aids your business in finding the prospects that comply with your ideal consumer profile, determining the optimal ways to contact them, and generating qualified business leads.

Integrated Marketing and Sales

What do you think is the most considerable challenge with account-based marketing? According to the research, it’s aligning marketing and sales undertakings.


If the efforts of these two teams are misaligned, the part of business leads brought in by the marketing strategies never convert, while the sales teams have to fight hard to close deals. 

A customer relationships management system (CMS) is a software tool that integrates the processes of marketing and sales. The system provides convenient automations in these critical areas and helps unify marketing and sales efforts for optimal results.

Email outreach, as a part of marketing campaigns, needs meticulous planning since it is a mighty tool for lead generation. Belkins lead generation service developed an email checker – excellent software that enhances email deliverability. This solution ensures that each of your messages will get in front of your recipient’s eyes. 

Multimedia Thought Leadership

Brand awareness is a solid tool that spurs B2B lead generation and drives loyalty. In the modern digital environment, brand awareness and the whole perception of the brand are largely shaped by the content the brand spreads. However, just producing content will not make you a thought leader. It requires an appropriate strategy with the use of relevant media, such as LinkedIn and YouTube.

Investing in strategic content makes sense since 89% of business decision-makers claim thought leadership enhances their brand perception. Furthermore, 90% of buyers say that thought leadership raises their respect for companies. 

To attain thought leadership, you’ll need to develop a competent content plan embracing various channels and content types, including written, visual, and video information. Customer segmentation is also crucial here since the content types should match the preferences of your specific prospects to provide them with high value and superior customer experience.

Sales Specialization

B2B sales are a comprehensive process where traditional one client-salesperson interaction becomes inefficient. On the contrary, by narrowing the specializations of the salespeople, businesses can streamline the sales process and facilitate B2B lead generation

Essentially, there can be four categories of salespeople:

  • Prospecting;
  • Lead qualification;
  • Closing new businesses;
  • Post-sales management.

The idea behind this subdivision example is that customers are accompanied by different specialists as they move from one phase of the sales funnel to another. Each category requires specific sets of knowledge and skills. Therefore, sales personnel need adequate training in each of these areas to work with business leads efficiently and elevate the customer experience. 

Specialization allows employees to focus on the distinct roles and thereby perform better as a team rather than one person fulfilling all the tasks.

Enjoy a Streamlined Lead Generation in 2022

Lead generation in 2022 will be based on excellent customer experience and empowered by a data-driven approach, automations, and a multi-channel outreach. Companies are confidently occupying digital space and applying technologies that allow serving their clients at any place and any time. Software solutions created to optimize both internal processes and customer interactions are gaining higher demand each year as they help businesses increase efficiency while minimizing resources. Belkins’io develops unrivaled software and provides competent B2B lead generation services to help you drive your business.

Let specialists at Belkins’io skyrocket your B2B lead generation.

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