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Key to unlock the Scroll Lock

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Sometimes abbreviated by ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk The Scroll Lock key is found on the keyboard of a computer and is usually located near the pause button. This Scroll Lock key was initially designed to be used in conjunction with Arrow keys to scroll through the text boxes. It can also be employed to stop scrolling text or stop the process of a software. The image shows how an Scroll Lock key with an LED could appear on the keyboard. Nowadays, the key is rarely used.

What is that Scroll Lock key on the keyboard?

Scroll Lock key Scroll Lock key is labeled as one of the abbreviations listed earlier. It is located close to the additional key controls within the keyboard. Below is a quick outline of a keyboard for computers that includes Key to Scroll Lock highlighted in blue

 Scroll Lock key highlighted in blue.

What is what is Scroll Lock key on a laptop keyboard?

Scroll Lock key is a primary one. Scroll Lock key on a laptop can be an additional key. Function of a different key, which is located close to of the Backspace key . If a laptop makes use of two keys in one key and you want to use both keys, press the Fn The key that is linked to the second you’d like to select with the other key you wish to. On laptops, Scr Lk, Stop as well as Break keys are normally associated with another key and appear displayed in blue text.

To access these keys to use these keys, use the keys below. Fn and the key with blue text you wish to and the key that has the blue text you wish to. In the picture above, Scroll Lock is part of the Num Lk key So, you’ll be required to press Fn and Num Lock to use to activate the Scroll Lock functionality.

An example of Scroll Lock used today

Microsoft Excel is an excellent illustration of a application that uses this key. When the Scroll Lock option is turned on by pressing either of the Arrow keys causes the screen to start moving in that direction however, the chosen cell does not change.

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