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Keep your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, more N64 games are coming

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What games will make it to the final cut?

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Nintendo isn’t done with the N64 yet. Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack will have more retro titles.

Nintendo of America confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will receive more N64 games in its premium Expansion Pack Tier. The tweet that announced the news (opens new tab) did not reveal the games. Fans were flooded with requests and suggestions, but that didn’t stop them from flooding the replies.

This tweet was sent shortly after Pokemon Puzzle League was released on Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 collection. The highly-rated match 3 puzzler is the first N64 title to arrive on Switch other than the originally announced list. Many fans believed that there was a second wave of N64 games in the pipeline. Thanks to Nintendo of America’s tweet, this seems to have been confirmed.

Which N64 games should be included in this list?

There are many excellent retro games available on the N64. There are many fan favorites that could be made available to Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack.


Notable current absences such as 1080 Snowboarding, Super Smash Bros. and Wave Race 64 are immediately in my mind. It wouldn’t be amiss to have third-party hits such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron and WWF No Mercy.

As we saw with Banjo-Kazooie’s release, Microsoft appears willing to work with Nintendo to bring Rare classics to Nintendo Switch Online. We’d love to see games such as Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini on the service if that’s still possible.

There were many cult classics that the N64 had to offer. We know that Nintendo doesn’t mind allowing games in this category to be added to its online collection thanks to WinBack.

I would love to see Mischief Makers and Space Station Silicon Valley, as well as Mystical Ninja, hit the online platform. There are many options for Nintendo. As the line-up grows throughout the year, I hope that Nintendo will be open to adding some surprises and more popular games.

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