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Is there an exclusive PS5 Starbucks Edition? 4 Weekly Widespread Rumours

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Is Russia a military Disneyland? Do masks impact children negatively? Does Subway’s tuna contain no actual tuna? What about a Starbucks Edition PS5? We will be discussing 4 rumors that are still popular with you in this post. These rumors may seem crazy, absurd, or just plain impossible to believe. Nevertheless, it is difficult to tell the truth from fiction.

Is there a Russian military Disneyland?

Yes, and no. It is a “mixture!”

Rumors suggest that Russia has a military Disneyland. It does exist. It is a military amusement park that President Putin opened in 2016, hoping to encourage young people to “military patriotism.”

Furthermore, the name of the theme park is not “military Disney,” – an American nickname used in news reports – but “Patriot Park” (translated from Russian “Patriot Park”) or the “Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” (Voenno-Patrioticheskii Park Kul’tury I Otdykha Vooruzhennykh Sil Rossiiskoi). You now know that there is a Russian military amusement park, but it does not have any association with Disney.

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Can masks cause harm to children?

NO! An Instagram post titled “The IMPACTS Of Masks on Children” has prompted concerns and discussion. This post claims that masks can have adverse effects and affect 68% of children. It refers to an infographic entitled “The IMPACTS of Masks on Children” which was created using data from a survey conducted in Germany.

The respondents are not always representative of the population. The online survey also collects subjective and personal opinions of respondents, which makes its results less reliable. The study does not support the claim that masks have a detrimental effect on children. Trend Micro Check can help you determine if the information you find online is incorrect and detect misinformation.

Subway’s tuna contains no tuna? We hope so, but it’s not proven.

Subway’s tuna may not be tuna or fish as some belief, but rather a “mixture” of different concoctions.

A lawsuit is pending in California claiming Subway’s tuna does not contain any tuna. Alex Brown and Shalini Dogra, two lawyers in the suit, said to the media that they have been reviewing texts and found that Subway’s tuna is not made of tuna. They didn’t say what ingredient they found.

Subway denies the allegation and insists that it delivers 100% cooked tuna to restaurants. Subway also offers mayonnaise to enhance flavor. It is possible that Subway may have different tuna sources from different branches, but there is no evidence that Subway tuna does not contain any tuna.

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Does Starbucks Edition PS5 exist?

Sorry, the answer is no!

TikTok’s video of a PS5 console unboxed by Starbucks went viral. The PS5 console can be used as a coffee maker, creating a buzz on social media.

The Starbucks edition PS5 is fake, Game Revolution said. The fan can’t be moved and the console cannot be cooled. This is a clear indication that the “game console” is not functional. This video could be merely a great CGI mockup.

Are you able to distinguish the truth from the lies? You should pay more attention to what is being shared on the Internet. Remember to check before you share in order to combat misinformation and rumors.

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