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Is PSNow Worth It The pros & con of PlayStation’s Game Streaming Service

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PlayStation Now (PS Now), has been getting more and more attention over the years. This is due in part to the constant refinement and enhancement of Sony’s game streaming services.

What are the pros and cons of PlayStation Now? If you’re interested in PlayStation Now but haven’t made the decision yet, let’s look at the game streaming service

What’s PlayStation Now Anyway?

PlayStation Now is Sony’s streaming game service. For $9.99/month, you can select from hundreds of titles. $24.99/quarter and $59.99/year. It also comes with a free trial, so you can test it out.

PS Now lets users stream more than 800 games from all generations of the PS2, PS3, PS4, along with some titles that can be downloaded to their consoles.

Now: What do we love about it

These just a few reasons why PlayStation Now is well worth your time.

PSNOW will impress with its sheer quantity of games. It is an incredible value.

These aren’t filler titles. Here, you’ll find the PS4’s most exclusive. It offers unlimited access and 

hundreds of hours of gaming.

2. Many games can be streamed to multiple consoles

PS Now offers a PS2 PS3 or PS4 game library. This is a great way to play older games and not have to buy a new console.

PS Now offers access to all of the games and removes any limitations on backward compatibility with the PS4/PS5 with PS2 or PS3 titles.

3. Many Games can be downloaded now

You all know how frustrating streaming games can be with your internet speed.

If your internet is not reliable, streaming games will be difficult. These issues include lags, performance issues, and visual bugs.

PS Now has a huge selection of titles available for download. The game can be played as though it were digitally purchased as long as you have a subscription.

This allows users to enjoy their favorite games without having to worry about internet connectivity.

4. You Can Stream PS Now On A Windows PC

PlayStation Now’s unique feature, however, is its ability to work with any console. PlayStation Now can stream PS Now titles directly to your Windows Windows PC. This is because many PlayStation games are exclusive to Sony consoles.

Play Sony video games away from your console with this great addition.

5. PS Now Features New Monthly Additions

PS Now’s distinctive feature is the inclusion of new titles every month. This makes it a strong incentive to sign up for the subscription. It’s possible that the next PlayStation Now game you’ve been waiting to get is just around the corner.

PS Now is very similar in concept to Amazon Prime and Netflix. It offers limited titles, new titles and a limited number of games.

6. The best place to discover new franchises and other genres

PS Now has a large selection of games. It allows you to try new franchises or explore different genres.

It’s free to try it.

PSNow allows you to add a wide variety of games to your gaming library.

What We Hate the Most about PS Now

PlayStation Now is a great service, but it has its flaws. Let us look at the reasons why PS Now might not be worth your time.

PS Now titles are not yours. You can’t unlock them if PS Now is closed.

PS Now could be shut down at anytime. It will be necessary to purchase the games separately. This could prove frustrating and costly.

You feel secure knowing that something is yours.

PS Now is a great service that offers so many great games. It can feel a bit more expensive.

You may find games less exciting and fickle if you have unlimited access to all your games.

It’s satisfying when you spend money on a game, and then have it completed.

3 PS Now has no macOS Version. You cannot stream titles from PS Now to your PC.

Although it’s wonderful that PS Now is now available for Windows PCs, PS Now can only be used from a Mac.

PS Now cannot stream to your PC. Your internet connection may be worse than that of the console version.

4. Updated PS Now Monthly Additions Not Yet Available

PS Now’s monthly releases can be exciting. But don’t worry if you don’t get the latest games. They may be yours or ones you have already played.

PS Now continues offering great new content every month. PS Now doesn’t offer the same content as Netflix.

5. PS Now is not available in all countries

Let’s pretend that you have already read the errors. PS Now sounds fantastic. However, it may not exist for you.

PS Now is now available in 19 countries: Canada, Austria, Belgium and Canada. Danemark, Finland. France. Germany. Ireland. Italy. Japan. Luxembourg. Norway. Portugal. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. The UK

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