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Is facebook Not Working? Here Are the Potential Ways to Fix It

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Facebook has its problems, just like any other web application. You may experience a website that does not load correctly, or an error message while logging in. This could cause you to be unable login to your account.

Your browser may be stalling the processor Facebook’s backend could be to blame. If Facebook isn’t working for you, there are some solutions that you can try.

There are several general fixes to fix Facebook not working issue

Before you move on to the more difficult troubleshooting steps, here are some general solutions.

1. You can’t rule out internet issues

It is important to identify and resolve any internet issues before you attempt to fix browser problems. To verify that it loads correctly, visit another website or app on the same device or with a different internet connection.

If the problem isn’t caused by the internet, the backend of Facebook could be to blame. You should investigate further. Continue to follow the steps below in this case.

2. Check out Facebook’s Status.

Facebook can also experience downtimes like all websites. To verify that Facebook is not down, visit the Downdetector website. You can wait for Facebook to reopen if it is down.

You can also log in to the same Facebook account using a different browser on the same device or the same browser. It will confirm that Facebook is not down and also indicate that your browser is the problem, which can help you pinpoint the problem.

3. Use a VPN

Consider setting up a VPN to protect your Facebook accounts from being hacked on multiple computers. However, your Facebook status remains active on Downdetector. Facebook can experience downtime at times in certain locations. This can lead to problems like this. This can be eliminated by turning on the VPN.

4. Give Facebook and the Browser a fresh start

If you see the error in one browser while logging into Facebook, it is a good idea to close both Facebook and the browser to give them both fresh starts. This will prevent temporary glitches in the browser or app.

Resolving Browser-Related Problems

If none of these general fixes work and the problem persists, it is time to diagnose browser problems. Two major browser-related issues can halt your access to Facebook–insufficient memory and extension incompatibility.

There is also a possibility that your browser’s settings or cache could be to blame. You must rule them out.

1. Facebook To Work: Make Sure Your Memory is Enough

The browser may be acting strangely due to increased CPU and RAM usage by other web apps or websites that you are using simultaneously with Facebook. To give Facebook enough resources, it is important to end resource-hogging activities in your browser.

You can check the browser Task Manager to see how many resources are being consumed by websites and apps running on your browser. This is how you can access it in Chrome

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots at the top-right corner of Chrome.
  2. Go to More tools > Task manager .

Pay attention to the processes that use the most memory. After you have filtered them out, close them individually or in bulk using End process. To ensure sufficient memory for processing, make it a habit of closing all tabs that are not being used.

If you still have trouble freeing up memory, disable all extensions to social media in your browser, especially those that are closely related to Facebook.

2. Extensions can be disabled

Extensions can improve the user experience. Many Facebook extensions let you personalize your Facebook experience with new functions and features. You might also be using adblockers. This means that your extension could interfere with Facebook’s script and cause such problems.

It makes sense to temporarily disable extensions and, if this solves the problem, permanently uninstall them. Here’s how:

  1. Click the three horizontal dots at the top-right corner.
  2. Go to Additional tools > Extensions.
  3. Locate the social media extensions that you are currently using.
  4. You can turn the toggles to the left by turning the switch.
  5. Hit Take out To permanently delete them

If the problem is not solved by disabling extensions, reinstalling them won’t be dangerous because the problem is elsewhere.

Clear the browser cache, cookies and cache to get rid of any accumulated cached data. If this doesn’t work, you can reset or reinstall the browser. If this doesn’t work, switch to another browser or temporarily use the Facebook app.

Switch browsers or temporarily switch to the Facebook app

If none of these solutions work and your account still works on other browsers or computers, it could be a serious problem with your browser. You can switch to another browser, temporarily use Facebook there, or you can start using the Facebook App until the problem is resolved.

Check that your Facebook account is active

Your account might be disabled immediately after you log in to Facebook. Facebook doesn’t notify you when an account is disabled. They also don’t specify the reasons. This makes it difficult to crack. If you feel certain that this is an error by Facebook, you can contact the support team at Facebook to have the problem investigated.

Send a ticket to Facebook Support

You can submit a review request by going to the review. Fill in your account details and provide Facebook with your ID(s), then click Send. It may take several days for Facebook support to respond depending on their busy schedule.

You can use the temporary account until Facebook fixes the problem to confirm that your account is disabled.

Are you unable to access Facebook?

These solutions should resolve the problem. If the problem persists, you can continue to use the Facebook app account.

You can quickly restore the old look to Facebook’s page by installing the Old Layout extension.

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