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Is an Apple Watch worth it?

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It can be difficult to decide if an Apple Watch worth your time and effort. A smartwatch is more fun than a necessity.

It is a good product, in the end. But it has some key benefits that will soon make it a necessity for many. Problem? It’s not easy to determine if you are one of these people.

All three Apple Watch models are available at different prices. However, none of them are cheap impulse buys. In a time of tighter finances, you don’t want too many gadgets that aren’t necessary for your daily life

Read on if you are trying to decide whether to purchase an Apple Watch. We have taken a look at the many uses for which this stylish timepiece is worth it, and the reasons you might not want to buy it.

…you exercise regularly

You have many options to track your workouts with the Apple Watch. The watch can be left to track your workouts or you can set it up to track a specific activity. It can track everything, from running, swimming, tai-chi, and dancing.

This is a great way for you to track your progress and see how each day goes. You can check your Apple Watch stats and see how your running pace has changed or how many calories you are burning each day, rather than just noticing changes over time.

Motivation is essential

The Apple Watch, tied into all of the above, is a great source for encouragement. Its Activity ring system gives you daily targets on calories burned, exercise, and the number of times you should stand. Although it may sound silly, once you get one, you will find yourself wanting to complete the rings every day.

The system also gives you monthly goals and awards. It encourages you to run, walk, or just do a particular exercise like dancing for a while. These are tailored to your capabilities so that they are easily achievable, even for those just starting out. To encourage you, you can also set up competitions among Apple Watch-owning buddies.

You like to wear a watch

While watches were once fashionable, they are making a comeback. As with any fashion item, we like to dress up our watches according to the occasion. There are many options for straps on the Apple Watch so that you can find the one that suits you best. It’s easy to swap between different bands. You can use one band for work, another for gym, and yet another for dates or meals. It is a great extension of your personality.

You can rely on notifications

Do you find yourself the type of person who can only remember a meeting or appointment if you have set a reminder? Not only can your phone help you remember things, but reminders sent directly to your wrist will give you a sense of urgency. This means that you don’t need to constantly check your phone for reminders or worry about missing something. The Apple Watch is a powerful tool that allows you to receive notifications for messages, calls, and meetings.

You want to keep an eye on your health

The Apple Watch is not able to provide more information than lab results or doctor visits, but it can give you some insight into your body’s health. Although it’s unlikely that you will have a professional medical scanner on your wrist all the time, Apple Watches now offer an ECG feature which monitors your heart rate to detect irregularities.

Although not perfect, some cases have seen this feature detect issues early, prompting wearers to seek official medical opinions. The Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor allows you to measure blood oxygen levels. It is available on the Apple Watch 6+. These features aren’t necessary for everyone, but they can help you assess if your Watch is causing you any health problems.

It’s not worth it if…

Although the Apple Watch is great, it’s not essential. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Apple Watches are getting more affordable, especially if they are older models like the Apple Watch 3. However, they are still very expensive. It’s important to remember that older models can be expensive. This is because they have fewer sensors and an older processor. Spending on a fun but not essential device should not be excessive.

You don’t even have an iPhone

Only an iPhone is required to use the Apple Watch. You will be missing out if you own an Android phone. It’s a lot. It’s not worth it. If this is your only reason for not liking an Apple Watch, you might consider one of the top Android smartwatches. Although you can technically set up an Apple Watch using an iPhone, but you won’t be able to use it with the iPhone most of the time, the few benefits you get aren’t worth it.

You hate wearing watches

Some people don’t like wearing watches. While the Apple Watch can be a comfortable device once you have the right strap, it’s not going to fit every wrist. This applies even if you forget to put your watch on. It is an important habit that you must establish.

…you don’t exercise

The best thing about the Apple Watch is its ability to monitor your daily activities and exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a gym addict, or someone who runs a lot. However, it does help if you enjoy tracking your progress. The Apple Watch is a beautiful, but expensive, regular watch that will keep you accountable for what you do every day.

You forget to charge your devices

The Apple Watch has a longer battery life than the old model. The Apple Watch 6/7 and 7 last for a few days without needing to be charged. But, it’s not as long as a regular watch. Some smartwatches can last for longer. You may notice a drop in Apple Watch usage if you forget to charge your device.

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