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Is a Peacock free trial still available?

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Peacock launched in the VOD market on July 2020. It was hoping to compete with Netflix and Disney Plus as well as a dozen other streaming services. Peacock also offered a free trial that allowed unlimited access to its TV series and blockbuster movies. This was a great way to attract new subscribers.

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NBCUniversal’s streaming platform is the best place to watch crowd-pleasing series like 30 Rock and The Office. It also features a growing list of original series, including Wolf Like Me and the Saved by the Bell reboot. Plus, you can catch up on the latest movies and classic films that have just come out of theaters. This includes live news, sports and Spanish-language content.

You might wonder if the Peacock free trial is still available. Below is the latest information about the Peacock free trial and how to save money while still enjoying the same great entertainment.

Is there a Peacock-free trial?

Technically, no. Technically, no. The 7-day trial included with a Peacock Premium Plus or Premium Premium Plus subscription was ended in November 2013.

This is a common practice. It’s a common move. HBO Max, and Disney Plus both withdrew their free trial after they launched. They wanted to keep their customers hooked on high-quality original TV series and movies.

If subscription numbers slow down, the Peacock free trial may return. Peacock offers something that is more appealing to members: a completely free subscription tier which provides a reduced amount of Peacock content and, self-evidently, doesn’t cost any dime.

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Is there a cheaper way to get Peacock, without a trial?

The Peacock TV Free plan offers a large selection of its TV shows, movies, and programs. It includes 13,000 hours worth of content, including content from Universal and third-party providers. There are also some live news broadcasts.

You’ll need to spend a bit of money to have unrestricted access to all the Peacock archives. You can choose from the two paid plans: the ad supported Premium Plus or the Premium Plus without ads, which both cost $4.99 per month.

Premium Plus plans cost $9.99 per month and offer ad-free content. Each tier offers 7,000 hours of content more than the free plan and includes every episode from Peacock Originals as well as next-day access for current NBC series.

You may be eligible to receive Peacock Premium for free for as long as you have Spectrum, Cox Communications or Xfinity. To find out if you are eligible, check with your provider.

What are the best shows on Peacock TV

Peacock offers a wide range of programming. It is largely produced under the NBC Universal umbrella, but also includes some third-party content.

This means that you can stream many iconic and new TV series, movies, NBC News with some 24/7 coverage, exclusive sports programming (including WWE wrestling) and dozens of Peacock Originals.

Here are a few crowd-pleasing titles that you can enjoy right now on Peacock:

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