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iPhone App Disappeared? How to locate missing apps on iPhone

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You’re trying to open an iPhone app, but it doesn’t seem to be available. If it is an important app that has to do with finance, productivity, and work, this can be a problem.

Sometimes an app is hidden intentionally so that it’s not possible to find it. No matter the situation, if an app isn’t visible on the iPhone Home Screen or you are unable to unhide it, here’s how you can find it.

1. Drag the App that is missing from the App Library onto the Home Screen

Apple introduced iOS 14’s App Library. This allows you to place all your apps within the correct categories . To access the App Library, swipe left from the Home Screen. Any missing apps will be located here.

The simpler solution is to swipe left in the App Library. This will display all apps in alphabetical order. To quickly locate the hidden app, scroll down or use the search box.

Once you find the app you want, drag it to the iPhone Home Screen from the App library. Alternatively, you can long-press an icon from the App Library. If this app isn’t on the Home Screen, there will be an option to add to Home Screen.

You can now have all your new apps show up on your iPhone Home Screen. To do this, go to Settings > Home Screen then choose add to Home Screen.

2. Spotlight is a great tool to find missing apps

Swipe down on any iPhone Home Screen to reveal the Spotlight Search Bar. Type the name of the app and tap to open it.

3. Ask Siri for the Missing App

Siri can open hidden apps for you if you are unable to locate them yourself. Simply ask Siri to open the app by asking it.

To activate Siri, say “Hey Siri” and press the Side or Home buttons (on iPhones that have Face ID).

4. Hidden Apps can be found by looking inside folders

If the app isn’t used frequently, we may place it in folders. It is possible to forget all about them after a while.

If you find yourself in this situation, go to the App folders section of your iPhone Home Screen. Look for the missing application within each folder. After you locate it, drag the icon from the folder to the Home Screen.

5. You can check your screen time to unhide restricted applications

Screen Time lets you or your guardian disable iPhone apps like Safari and Mail. Screen Time lets you limit apps according to your age. You won’t see the icons for restricted apps on your Home Screen, or in the App library. They will not be visible in search results, or accessible via Siri.

To hide these apps, you need to open Setting > screen time > content & privacy restrictions > allowed apps. Next, tap Back. Tap Content Restrictions > Apps. Select Allow all Apps.

After this, you’ll be able to see the missing app icons in both the iPhone Home Screen (or App Library).

  1. Unhide Home Screen Page Pages to See All Your Apps

iOS allows you to hide Home Screens to give your home a cleaner look. It is possible to get lost in confusion if you accidentally do that. Do not worry! All the apps that you have downloaded are available in the App library. You can also learn about hiding the Home Screen pages to avoid any future confusion.

7. To find out if an App is installed or not, use the App Store

If you have an app installed on your iPhone, it will display Open (or Updating) on its page in the App Store. It will display Get or the icon if the app isn’t downloaded.

Here’s how to find missing apps on iPhone using this information:

  1. Hold down the App Store icon at the Home Screen for a while and then tap search.
  2. Type the app name that is missing.
  3. Open the app in the search results. If the app does not appear in the search results, such as Get, or has a download icon it means that the app is not yet installed on your iPhone. You’ll need to download it.

8. Unhide Purchased Apps, and Re-Download

The purchase you have hidden is not visible in the App Store purchases list. Additionally, family members cannot download the hidden app.

If the app is already downloaded to the device, this does not hide it. You or your family member can still find the hidden app on their iPhone and redownload it. Here’s how to remove App Store purchases from your iPhone.

  1. Open the App store and tap your profile image.
  2. Tap Your name and Apple ID.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and tap Hidden Orders.
  4. Tap Unhide Next to a hidden app.

9. Reset the Home Screen Layout to view all Apps alphabetically

You can also reset the Dock layout and Home Screen if you are fed up with all the trouble. All Apple apps will be displayed on the two Home Screens that follow, just as a new iPhone. The third Home Screen will display all apps downloaded.

Here’s how you can reset the iPhone Home Screen layout

  1. To open Settings, tap.
  2. Tap Transfer or Set iPhone > Reset > Layout Home Screen.

Hope You Found the Missing App for iPhone!

These were quick methods to find missing or hidden apps for the iPhone. Sometimes, if an app isn’t found, it might be deleted. You can then re-download it from Apple’s App Store. Apple and the developer sometimes remove apps from the App Store. This was the case for Fortnite and Flappy Bird, respectively. In such cases, you’ll need to choose one of its alternatives.

It can be difficult to find apps quickly or locate them easily on your iPhone Home Screen. To help you, here are some creative ways to do this.

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