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iPhone 13 Pro Max review

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What makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max a ‘Pro’ phone? It has incredible battery life and can take photos in almost any light. This is the best smartphone currently available.

The handset now comes with a 1TB storage option, which is not available on the iPhone12. This means that if you are a budding filmmaker (or professional film maker), you can fill it with all your favorite content.

You can also get a ‘Pro” price starting at $1,099 / PlayStation1,049 / AU$1,849, and ending at $1,599 / PlayStation1,549 / AU$2,719

It’s not a new trope to complain about the iPhone’s high price tag. But Apple charges top dollar for its top iPhone every year. They still rank among the most sought-after models. This means that ‘too costly’ is becoming subjective when it comes time to review.

However, if the iPhone 13 Pro Max is what you are looking for, then it’s likely that you’re after the best iPhone. In this case, you might want to hold off a bit longer. We expect to see the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the rest of the iPhone 14 lines on September 7. This upgrade is sure to bring about a lot of changes, even though it might not appeal to everyone.

Although ‘best’ can be subjective in any case, this is the best iPhone Apple made until the aforementioned iPhone 14.

It is nearly identical to the 12 Pro Max, which was released in 2020. The flat, industrial-looking frame of stainless steel surrounds the OLED screen.

It is obvious that the large camera protrusion at its rear is prominent. This allows for greater photography skills. This year’s Pro is available in Sierra Blue, a beautiful, powdery-looking color.

The screen has been upgraded to include ProMotion, a refresh rate of 120Hz, which iPhone users have requested for years but which we feel adds very little to the screen’s performance. It also features a higher maximum brightness and a smaller number of notches.

Although the notch can be reduced, it is not game-changing. Apple must eliminate it from existence. Regardless of what you’re viewing, the screen quality overall is outstanding.

We believe the battery life is the main reason you would buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple has made this a better product than the 12 Pro Max. It was a great phone with a lot of battery life, but it is no longer an issue.

We would usually make it to the second day without charging the phone, even if we were using the phone for a long time. It was only around 9pm when the phone died.

Apple’s iPhone charger is not included in the box. This means that you will need to pay $19 / PS19 / AU$29 for fast juicing.

As we mentioned, the cameras allow you to capture a wide variety of photos in many different situations. Apple has been very vocal about adding Night Mode and improved low-light capabilities to all three 12MP rear sensors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max also features a handy macrophotography mode.

The handset will automatically switch to the ultrawide mode when you are close to objects. These effects are amazing.

Apple has successfully balanced power and ease-of-use. You can snap great photos in auto mode but you can also play with different settings to get a more hands on experience.

We are not impressed by the Cinematic mode. It will automatically change focus depending on where someone is looking. While it’s nice, it doesn’t add much.

Another reason to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max should be its performance. It’s extremely powerful and can play high-quality games and do intensive tasks such as encoding video at an incredibly fast rate.

The majority of people who buy this phone won’t even scratch the surface of its capabilities, but videographers will appreciate the extra storage, many shooting options, and the speed at which edits can be processed.

Do you want more than a quick review? Continue reading to learn how the iPhone 13 Pro Max fared in our extensive testing. The results of our battery and camera tests are particularly impressive.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max price and release date

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was announced on September 14th, and it is now available for purchase starting September 24th. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently the most expensive iPhone available. It comes with 128GB storage and a price tag of $1,099 / PlayStation1,049 / AU$1,849.

The 256GB model is $1,199 / PlayStation1,149 / AU$2,019; the 512GB version costs $1.399 / PlayStation1,349 / AU$2,369 and the 1TB model is $1,599 /PS1,549 / AU$2,719.

Although this is not the first time that we have seen a 1TB smartphone from Apple, it is the first time that Apple has offered such a large storage capacity.

OneTB is for people who will be using the iPhone 13 Pro Max to make movies and generate reams of 4K video at 60 frames/second or thousands of high-resolution photos. Most people won’t require more than 512GB.

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Design – More of the Same

Let’s get this out of your way: the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a large phone. It is huge

Let’s begin by taking a look at how it is assembled. The outer stainless steel band is back, this time based on the iPad Pro range.

We still miss the curved back on the iPhone 6’s predecessors, even after a year. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max has a more industrial-looking edge to it, which gives it a great grip, but it’s just less comfortable to hold.

Comfort is a keyword. We assume you are comfortable with the larger phone if you choose the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, it can prove difficult to use if your hands are very large.

It has been noticed that prolonged use of the phone can cause slight aches in the fingers. Our fingers have adapted over the years, but it is worth noting if you decide that you want an iPhone with a really long-lasting battery.

The Lightning connector is still at the bottom of the phone. It’s flanked by two speakers (well, one – the second is in the earpiece and does an excellent job dispensing sound while you watch movies or listen to music).

Apple could switch the iPhone to USB C at the bottom, which would have many benefits (faster charging and data transmission). However, it would likely incur the wrath of many people who still have iPhone chargers.

The Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max was sent to us. It’s muted, just like the other colors (graphite and gold) and is meant for those who need the phone to be able to carry briefcases and meet with Tomi (Accounts).

Although the iPhone Pro’s new blue color is a great addition, we recommend that you keep it in a case.

The edges of the iPhone 12 Pro Max were still a bit rough. We also managed to scratch the front screen a little over the course of a few months. So, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is more durable than iPhones years ago, we think it’s worthwhile protecting your investment.

MagSafe is the magnetic connector on the back of the new iPhone range. It allows you wirelessly to connect chargers and accessories as well as returns. This feature is becoming increasingly popular.

MagSafe accessories are not yet available on the market. However, this makes sense considering that only the iPhone 12 range supports them.

There are now four additional phones that use MagSafe. Expect more stands, cases and gimbals. It’s also possible to slip on the round metal disc to instantly see your phone charge.

iPhone 13 Pro Max display – brighter, but 120Hz misses

Three key improvements to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 6.7-inch display are worth mentioning: the smaller notch, a screen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz (which means smoother scrolling and transitions throughout), and improved brightness for outdoor activities in the sun.

The smallest notch is the most noticeable. However, it doesn’t change much in the iPhone’s design. There’s still a big notch that encroaches on your movies and games. Other brands have smaller punch-holes or even invisible cameras.

We don’t think the notch has any merits. When you discover that your phone can unlock with your face at an unusual angle (where you think “surely it can’t pick up my face from “), then you can forget about the need for multiple sensors to be inserted at the top.

Apple should reduce this size a bit more. We would like to see sensors and cameras integrated into the rim of your phone. Or at the very least, let us see the percentage of battery life constantly rather than having to swipe down. We hoped that the tiny indicator of battery life would remain visible when we heard about a smaller notch. But, sadly, no

ProMotion is Apple’s 120Hz display technology. It has been used for years on the iPad Pro range. It is surprising that this technology has taken so long to make it onto an iPhone. This is because Apple and other rivals have had it on their flagship phones and mid-range phones for some time.


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