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iPhone 13: How to Fix ‘Last Line Is No Longer Available’

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You may be getting the “Last Line No Longer Available” error every time you call your default number on your iPhone 13. The problem can also be found on older iPhone models that run iOS 15. However, we have created a guide to fix it.

9 Tips to Fix “Last Line Not Available” iPhone Error (2021).

Understanding the problem is essential to find a solution. Let’s start by looking at the solutions available.

Why does the iPhone display the “Last Line Not Available” issue?

This error, referred to as “Last Line Not Longer Available”, is not new. This issue has been on Apple iPhones since iOS 12 and affects all dual-SIM iPhone models. This applies to iPhone XR as well as iPhone XS Max.

The user attempts to call the default number using the phone app’s logs. The screen displays an error message that states, “Last call no longer available.” Is it possible to call your remaining em> number?

When you have more than one SIM, iOS lets you set your default phone number (phone) for calls and messages. Then, you can use the second line to send data.

This error prevents users from calling a contact with their preferred SIM card. We can help you to fix the “Last Line Not Longer Available” error in your iPhone 13.

iPhone 13: Fix “Last Line not Longer Available” Error

1. Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

It’s true, I use airplane mode to troubleshoot any network-related problems. This hack is more common than you may think.

  • To enable this, swipe down from the top left corner (for iPhones without a home button), to the Access Control center.
  • After a few seconds, tap the airplane mode icon. After the network connection is turned off, you can then turn it back on by tapping the airplane mode icon.

2. Clear your Call Log

Many iPhone users who received the “Last Line Not Longer Available” error reported being able to clear their call log.

  • Open the Phone app for iPhone. Move to the Recents tab and tap “Edit” at the bottom. Next, click “Clear all” to confirm deletion. Restart your iPhone.
  • Once your device has been restarted, you will be able to make a call at the default number If the pop-up does no appear, it is likely that the problem has been resolved.

3. Force restart your iPhone

Force restart, also known hard reset, clears the cache and deletes temporary files. This is a clever way to fix many iOS issues.

  • iPhone 8, and later: Press and hold the volume button. Then, hold down the power button and wait until you see the Apple logo.
  • iPhone 7/7+: Hold down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • iPhone 6s/6+ and older: Hold down the power and home keys simultaneously until the screen turns dark and the Apple logo displays.

4. Switch Between SIMs

iOS allows you to switch SIMs for calls. If the “Last Line No Longer Available” issue prevents your calling the default number, you can switch SIMs.

  • Tap on the button next to the contact you wish to call.
  • To manually dial an address, tap on the primary phone number to choose the alternate SIM.

5. Update Carrier Settings

To resolve the “Last Line Not Longer Available” problem on your iOS device, you can also try updating your carrier settings.

  • Navigate To General-> About In the Settings app, It is possible to be asked to update your carrier settings.
  • Next, click on “Update” at the prompt. Now you are good to go!

6. Removing and reinserting your SIM

There may be a solution.

Hold down the power button to turn on your iPhone. Call the default number on your iPhone to check if the Last Line Not Longer Available’ prompt appears.

7. Reset Network Settings

I reset my network settings to the factory default whenever I have a problem with the network.

  • Open the Settings app >General >Transfer or Reset iPhone >Reset->Reset Internet Settings
  • Enter your device password and click the ” RESET network settings” button to confirm.

8. Reset All Settings

Resetting your iPhone can resolve common iOS issues. This will fix the “Last Line No Longer available” error.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. -> General > Reset or Transfer iPhone. -> Reset-> All settings.
  • Enter your device password, then tap ” Reset All Settings” for a close.

9. Software Update

Numerous bugs have been added to iOS versions. Some bugs, especially the less-reported ones remain for a longer time. The most common iOS 15 bugs and their solutions are listed in the linked article.

If you are still having trouble calling the default line, a bug could be the cause. Upgrading the software may fix the problem.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to General-> Software Update. Download the latest iOS version.

iOS 15 and later: Fix the ‘Last Line not Longer Available’ issue

These are the tips and tricks that you can use to fix the iPhone 13 “Last Line No Longer Available” error (or any older iPhone models).


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