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iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE: A world of difference for $200

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While maximum of the telephones you notice on keep cabinets are six inches and above, Apple hasn’t forgotten approximately folks that like small telephones. It sells  one-of-a-kind telephones with small displays: The iPhone SE, which acquired a large remodel in 2020 and an replace in March 2022, and  fashions of the iPhone mini, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone thirteen mini, which can be approximately the identical length because the SE. After the iPhone thirteen released in 2021, Apple dropped the rate of the iPhone 12 mini via way of means of $100, bringing it to $629 ($599 thru carriers) and shifting it ever toward the rate of the iPhone SE. But now that the brand new iPhone SE is here, which small telecellsmartphone ought to ought to spend your cash on?

iPhone 12 mini vs SE: Features and specifications

Here are the top-line variations in functions and specifications among the . There are lots of smaller variations, however those functions and specifications will come up with an concept of ways they stack up in opposition to every different.

It’s pretty apparent that is the “higher” iPhone here. While the iPhone 12 mini has an older processor, it’s nevertheless lots rapid, and the great of the enhancements extra than make up for it: an HDR OLED part-to-part show, an ultra-extensive rear camera, a higher the front camera, 5G mmWave guide, and Face ID. So, in case you simply need to get the “great” small iPhone regardless of that cost, you could forestall analyzing now: the iPhone 12 mini is in which it’s at. But the iPhone SE isn’t your typical “budget” telecellsmartphone. Savvy readers will examine the massive distinction in rate and do not forget simply how lots of those functions they without a doubt want.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE: Design and show

The iPhone SE includes forth the layout of the historical iPhone 8, whilst the iPhone 12 mini functions the newer “all-display” layout, with flat facets and an part-to-part show. It additionally is available in 5 colors—black, white, red, green, purple, and blue—in place of simply 3 with the SE midnight (black), starlight (white), and red. There’s absolute confidence the 12 mini is a higher-searching telecellsmartphone. It’s additionally only a little bit smaller and lighter, making it the smallest iPhone you could purchase. But it’s now no longer just like the iPhone SE is a clunker, and you could probable get via way of means of with simply 3 colour options.

The iPhone SE (right) is essentially an iPhone 6 with a tumbler back.

The show is a good deal higher at the iPhone 12 mini, though. The reality that it doesn’t have massive bezels above and underneath the show manner that, in spite of being a technically smaller telecellsmartphone, the iPhone 12 mini definitely has extra display vicinity than the iPhone SE (5.four inches as opposed to four.7 inches). It’s now no longer simply the length, however. The iPhone mini additionally makes use of Apple’s great show tech, OLED, which brings high-quality evaluation with deep blacks and better resolution (476 pixels in keeping with inch vs. 326 pixels in keeping with inch).

Our pick: When it involves the show, you without a doubt get what you pay for. Since you’re going to be searching at your telecellsmartphone’s display hour hours every day, the extra $two hundred is certainly really well worth it. However, the iPhone SE nevertheless has a excellent LCD, so in case you nevertheless have a tender spot for the house button and the traditional layout, you’ll certainly be glad with it.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE: Performance and battery existence

The iPhone 12 mini has the A14 processor, that is a chunk slower than the A15 withinside the iPhone SE. If we’re being honest, however, present day iPhone processors are simply so rapid that you’re now no longer probably to note the distinction in every day use. Unless you’re the type of character who is aware of you want absolutely the quickest component going, the iPhone 12 goes to be lots rapid sufficient to ultimate for years.

The identical is going for battery existence. While the preceding iPhone SE struggled to hold up with the iPhone 12 mini, the extra green A15 processor and a barely better ability manner the iPhone SE receives more or less the identical battery existence because the iPhone 12 mini. Neither are great, however, and constitute the shortest battery existence of any iPhone model.

Our pick: Power customers won’t be glad with both telecellsmartphone, however for everyday use, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE will probable make it thru maximum of the day, however you’ll certainly need to hold a charger around.

iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone SE (2022)

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Best Prices Today: $429 at Apple

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE: 5G, MagSafe, and UWB

The iPhone 12 mini already has actual important benefits with its show and layout, and that part maintains while you begin searching at the alternative functions. Unlike the display, however, the iPhone 12 mini’s different functions are extra approximately what you may want later. The maximum apparent distinction is that the iPhone 12 mini helps “full” 5G (each sub-6Ghz and mmWave), whilst the iPhone SE best helps the slower sub-6Ghz. Right now, that’s now no longer a massive deal for maximum people. Even in case your service has upgraded the towers close to you to 5G, you probable won’t see a game-converting velocity improvement.

MagSafe is another “perhaps one-day” feature, as is Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Today, you could purchase a few chargers and instances that guide MagSafe, however there’s now no longer an entire lot out there. In the approaching years, that environment will genuinely grow. The identical is going for Apple’s UWB wi-fi chip, which lets in for high-bandwidth and short-variety information transmission in addition to very particular region tracking. It’s form of like room-scale GPS. Today it may be used to seamlessly hand-off audio among your iPhone and HomePod mini in addition to locate lacking gadgets connected to AirTags inside multiple ft in their region, however it’s nevertheless extra of a “satisfactory to have” as opposed to a “must have” feature.

Our pick: MagSafe and mmWave 5G are satisfactory to have, however they’re now no longer game-converting functions. But in case you plan to preserve onto your iPhone for some years, the iPhone 12 mini will future-evidence your buy somewhat.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE: Touch ID and Face ID

The largest distinction among the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE aside from the layout and show is the approach of unlocking and authenticating. On the iPhone SE, you’ll be the use of the Home button, and it’s one of the ultimate Apple gadgets to have one, in conjunction with the ninth-technology iPad. Apple says there may be a 1 in 50,000 threat that a person that a person else’s fingerprint might be capable of effectively liberate your Touch ID sensor. It’s rapid and convenient, however manifestly doesn’t paintings with gloves.

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